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KSP Book Club- Kottavi Raja And His Sleepy Kingdom

Reading isn't always about learning new things and scientific facts. As much as I would love my daughter to browse through the pages of the encyclopaedia to know facts about the solar system and animals, I would also want her to enjoy some fun time reading nice stories. Simple ones, with just a wafer-thin storyline and no big morals or preachy lessons. Here is one such book I got her recently.

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Which book are we reading? 

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The book that's on our shelf this week is Kottavi Raja and his Sleepy Kingdom-written by Yasaswini Sampathkumar and is published by Pratham Books. The illustrations are by Henu. You can buy the book here. 

What is it about?

We all love to sleep. But what about the very few of us, who are unable to? (Yes parents, this isn't about our sleepy nights with newborns ;)) The story deals with how a king, who is unable to sleep, in the night remains drowsy in the day time and how everyone in the kingdom comes up with suggestions to cure this rare condition of the king! Kottavi, in Tamil means yawn and the king is aptly called as Kottavi Raja! If you need tips on falling asleep, this book has plenty of them 😉

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Why is this book on our shelf?

  • As mentioned earlier, reading should also be about fun and simpler things. We are sure the kids will laugh when you read out how the king mumbles deep in sleep!
  • Also, a great start for the little readers who are set to read on their own. The simple language and the engaging style of writing will get your kids to keep turning the pages and find out if the Raja did manage to sleep at all!
  • If your children's bookshelf is filled with International authors and you are looking to bring about a desi touch, this book is a good beginning. Check out the other recommended books by Indian authors, here. 

Stay tuned for KSP Book Club as we tell you the pick of the new releases you must consider for your child's reading time! Read this book? Share your feedback in the comments below!

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