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KSP Book Club- Moongphali

This weekend, I took time out to clean our bookshelf and do some rearranging. That's when we realized the number of International authors that had taken over our shelves leaving the Indian ones to the corners. Are we missing out on the simple stories around us and settling for the more fancy ones from across the globe? I decided to get my daughter more books by Indian authors so that she can relate to her stories better. If you are nodding in agreement- check out our list of books you must buy right here. 

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Which book are we reading? 

ksp book club

The book that's on our shelf this week is Moongphali-written by Mukesh Chhabra and Neha Singh and is published by Red Turtle. The illustrations are by Sonal Gupta Vaswani. Mukesh Chhabra is one of the leading casting directors in Bollywood and has worked in roping kids for some of the best movies like Dangal, Nit Battey Sannata and more, Neha Singh, a famous children's author also conducts drama based workshops for kids.

What is it about?

Whenever you are reading a nice book or watching a movie and you have situations similar to your life, we immediately relate to them- we see a bit of ourselves in the protagonist. Moongphali is one such book, that tells you stories of children across the country, speaking different languages and from different cultures, but there is something in each one of these kids, that your child can relate to.  A compilation of stories about different children, but somewhere there is a common thread that binds them all.

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Why is this book on our shelf?

  • A compilation of short stories about children, in a simple language that kids can understand- this book is an ideal choice for kids aged 8 years and above.
  • Coming from the authors, who have worked with children- in theatre and movies, the book tells you what goes through the simple, yet complex minds of children, and what they secretly aspire for.
  • This festive season, we are all going to be super busy with the celebrations and children will need a good reason to spend time on their own. This book will help you!

Stay tuned for KSP Book Club as we tell you the pick of the new releases you must consider for your child's reading time! Read this book?Share your feedback in the comments below!

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