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This New English Language Learning App For Toddlers Has Parents Curious. Tried It Yet?

Learning a second language is luckily something that every child in India is actually comfortable with. For instance, we speak 3 languages at our home and our little one, now 4, is adept at all the 3. Of course, she has her own preferences and opts in for the mother tongue when she finds some words in English difficult. Language learning need not be difficult for kids and their tender minds are quick to grasp new languages and words at this age. In addition, to read aloud books and conversations at home, we need to take an extra step to make kids feel comfortable in a particular language and that's when dedicated apps come to the rescue. Know all about the widely popular English language learning app for preschoolers Lingokids today.


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Lingokids is an adaptive language learning platform aimed at kids aged 2-6 years. A free to download app on Android and iOS, this app makes language learning both fun and exciting. The app can currently be used to learn English and Chinese.

Designed by teachers and language learning experts across the world, Lingokids is an award winning app that helps kids learn a language in fun and interactive manner. With the English content provided by Oxford University Press, Lingokids helps your preschooler learn more than 3000 words by means of songs, games, activities, videos, etc. The app is not just designed for young minds- it can be used by parents, teachers and the school for unlimited new lessons, the rich content helps monitor the progress of the children.

Why Lingokids? 

  • Learning a new language need not necessarily mean big books and traditional flashcards method. This interactive app can help your child learn new words and improve his/her vocabulary on the go. An ideal travel partner for a long distance journey, maybe?
  • By feeding in your child's basic details, you can choose the level of learning and customise it according to your child's needs and performance. Parents also get a detailed report that helps track how well your child is doing at learning the language.
  • The makers have followed the adaptive Lunic Learning method that helps kids learn new words and phrases at their own pace and through interesting games and activities that help them remember better.
  • The animations and characters that teach your kids the new words are designed in a manner that attracts kids! Bright colours, fun animal characters -- all things toddlers will find interesting.
  • The offline play options, rewards, and incentives help your child (and you) keep track of how well your child is faring and motivates them to clear more levels.

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Is the app free or paid? 

The app is free to download, but it supports in-app purchases as your child crosses various levels. The basic free level offers few games and sample videos that you can try out before opting in for the monthly subscription. The first month is free and you can choose to cancel anytime.

And it isn't all fun and games, your child is encouraged to write letters by tracing them on the screen and parents can download the printable PDFs to engage kids offline too!

While there are many free language learning apps in the market, like Duolingo, you do need to pay to unlock different services in Lingokids. So it does work out to be expensive but definitely worth trying if you want your child to pick up English while sitting at home!

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Download the app:

Lingokids: iOS and Android

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