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KSP Book Club- Double Trouble, Double Fun: A Supermom’s Guide To Raising Twins

Parenting has remained the same, more or less, over generations. Our approach towards it has what changed over the course of years. Some carry it off nonchalantly, like Dhoni's last-ball sixer, while some struggle every single day. But the best thing that keeps parents going is sharing their experiences with other. While I thought my daughter was the only one to nibble exactly into the center of her Roti every day, I found several heads nodding when I shared it with a group of friends!

If you like reading books on parenting, that tell you exactly how to raise kids (or not!), we have a new one in the market reviewed here for you!

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Which book are we reading? 

ksp book club review

The book that's on our shelf this week is Double Trouble, Double Fun: A Supermom's Guide To Raising Twins-written by Riti Prasad and is published by Hay House. Buy here.

What is it about?

When my cousin had twins, I had more questions on my mind about how they would raise them, than the parents themselves! Do both of them cry at the same time? Does one wake up the other in sleep? Do they start protecting each other from very early onwards or do they end up crawling on each other? This mom gives the reader a sneak peek into her life- where she is a working mom with twins and how she cruises through it. She narrates how she has handled the small struggles in our everyday life as a parent, especially with twins, and how parents need to humbly accept their kids for who they are.

Why is this book on our shelf?

  • A first-hand account of a parent and their joys and struggles is always a preferred read for any parent. Especially when it touches upon the topic of twins, the reader is eager to know how exactly does a parent travel this journey?!
  • If you have twins, you will find yourself, smiling along as Riti Prasad, takes you through the journey- from pregnancy to PTA meetings in school. The little frustrations and the many joys of parenting are explained very well in this book.
  • The book works well as a light and casual read, as the author also explains how she managed the work-life balance and yet how she enjoyed every single minute with her kids. The book isn't a Bible on parenting, but is surely one that lends you a shoulder to lean on in your journey!

Stay tuned for KSP Book Club as we tell you the pick of the new releases you must consider for your child's reading time! Read this book? Share your feedback in the comments below!

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