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KSP Book Club: Best Children’s Halloween Books Of 2017

The weekend Halloween parties tiring you at the start of the week?! We are sure your kids loved the Halloween costumes you would have tried from the DIY list we suggested, as well as enjoyed the DIY Halloween crafts over the weekend! Craving for some rest this Monday? You got that!

Today, in KSP Book Club, we suggest the best children's books for Halloween you need to add just in time for the holiday season to your child's bookshelf. But wait- isn't that list quite a big one? Don't worry! We have handpicked 2017's best reads for your kids (starting from toddlers) this Halloween, that will teach them all about the spooky festival, get them into the act of reading as well as learn some new fun words along the journey! Buy your kids, the books from this collection, today!


Duck and Goose, Honk! Quack! Boo!

halloween books

Author:  Tad Hills

Publisher: Penguin Random Book House

Why this book:  If you are familiar with the famous Duck & Goose series of children's books, this one is must add to your collection. The lead stars Duck & Goose are off for Halloween in their special costumes, only to know that scarier things are on the prowl! A sweet read for your kids 3-7 years that will teach them about the Halloween spirit, friendship and lots more. Buy here.

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Halloween Good Night

Author:  Rebecca Grabill

Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers

Why this book: Who said goodnight books should always be only about sweet and charming things like the birds, moon and the calm sky? This fun goodnight story for kids (3 years and above) is about their favourite monsters slowly entering their bedroom as your little ones snuggle in bed. Don't be scared, just wish them a happy night or play trick or treat with them! Buy here.

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Zip! Zoom! On A Broom

halloween books

Author:  Teri Sloat

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Why this book:  Bored with 5 li'l monkeys and 10 caterpillars stories to teach your kids about numbers? This holiday season get your kids (3-6 years) this fun book that tells the story of 10 witches who hop on a broom and what causes each of them to fall off the broom! A fun rhythmic narrative, that will capture your child's interest- this season. Buy here.

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Please Scare My Kids: With No Words

halloween books

Author:  Samir Hanna Safar

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Why this book:  A book with no words? Yup! This book that solely relies on illustrations walks through things that will appear to scare kids- but as the book progresses, we notice that the kids (4 and above) actually turn into superheroes and ward off evils in true style! A different genre with more comprehension for kids, than just words- get them this book today! Buy here.

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The Pomegranate Witch

halloween books

Author:  Denise Doyen

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Why this book:  A haunted tree, a group of enthusiastic kids, a kind-hearted lady and delicious pomegranates come together for this 'spookalicious book for little kids (4-7 years). The rhyming narration style and illustrations make it an engaging read for the kids. Buy here.

B Is For Boo: A Halloween Alphabet 

halloween books

Author:  Greg Paprocki

Publisher: Gibbs M. Smith Inc

Why this book:  If you are looking for an alphabet board book for your toddlers, this holiday season, this is the ideal choice. Using 26 letters of the alphabet to teach kids about Halloween, this book is a hit with kids with its lovely illustrations. So give B for bat, C for Cat a rest and teach your kids B for Boo and C for Candy!!! Buy here.

Happy Troll-o-ween! 

halloween books

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Why this book: For your little Trolls fan, this book is an ideal Halloween treat. Not an ideal storybook with lots of text to engage your kids, but with a small adventure based narrative featuring the Trolls and a Halloween cut-out mask and stickers for the children. Buy here.

How To Make Friends With A Ghost

halloween books

Author:  Rebecca Green

Publisher: Tundra Books

Why this book: If your little one is very scared of ghosts, then this book is a must add to their bookshelves. From funny ideas and tricks like telling a ghost a bedtime story, to treating it to its favourite snacks, the book is ideal for your kids (4-8 years) to let go of their fear of ghosts and will laugh their way through this book. Buy here.

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