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KSP Book Club: Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA

Our love for words is a given and it was a matter of months before we expected our little girl to make her entry into the profound world of talking. Of course, there were suggestions on what's the best first word for the child and efforts were made according to that! I was expecting an obvious 'amma' to be her first word, given that she spent the entire day with me! From reading out books to pointing photographs and helping her recollect, every parent has tried everything for their child's first words. This dad also tried something hilarious, and his efforts are out to make the world laugh, yet again. Check out the book we are featuring on our KSP Book Club, this week.

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Which book are we reading? 

first words for kids

The book that's on our shelf this week is Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA written by the very famous award-winning talk show host Jimmy Fallon and is published by Feiwel & Friends. Buy here.

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What is it about?

The famous talk show host turned author, has churned out this adorable board book for kids that is our favourite, already. It just goes to show the extent that dads go to make sure that 'dad' or 'dada' is their child's first name. With a handful of farm animals as characters, Fallon spins out a simple book for the young readers and parents, that hilariously, gets across the message.

Why is this book on our shelf?

  • As science shows us time and again, how your child can never be too young to be introduced into the world of books, this book is a great start to snuggle in the bed with your little one and help them fall in love with words!
  • The illustrations are super cute and the story line is very simple for the little minds to follow. What works in their favour is the repeated reading aloud of the lines and the sounds the animals make- watch your kids say it aloud after a few reading sessions!

You just got the right pick for your child's night time read. Sit back and enjoy with your kiddo!

P.S 1- Jimmy Fallon's child who inspired him to write this book ended up saying "Mumma" as her first word. So, tough luck Mr. Fallon- we hear you!

P.S2- My husband never had to use this book to get our little girl to talk. The daddy's little girl rattled off with "Appa" much to everyone's surprise!

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