Looking For Diwali Sweets That Are Sugar-Free Or Gluten Free? Head To These Stores In Mumbai

Diwali will always mean bright lights and great food! I remember how my mom would begin the sweet preparations a week ahead and give us a sneak peek into what the grand festival has in store for us! As food connoisseurs, on the lookout for healthy options, the city has a lot of options for us to chose from. Go the healthy way and let your kids dig into the box of sweets with your consent- 'coz you know they are all healthy! From sugar-free, to gluten-free the options are endless at these exclusive stores in the city. So go ahead, and buy an extra box of sweets - to treat the foodie in you, in a healthy and happy way!
What's special: Nature's Basket is known to delight food lovers for a long time and in another step towards that, they recently launched their very own brand of premium products called L’Exclusif, featuring a range of gourmet delights that are different from the usual ones you get everywhere. Check out their exclusive Sugar-free sweet collection, for a healthy and calorie- conscious Diwali with your kids and family this year!
Call: +91 92200 98000
Website: Nature's Basket
What's special: Bandra- best known for its delicious eateries and hangouts is now famous for this healthy eating option at Fitness Bakery. From customised sugar-free options to using honey or coconut sugar as the sweeteners in their recipes, this place sure takes the extra effort to keep its customers healthy and coming back for more! ALso don't forget to check out their grain-free granola that boasts of the goodness of dried figs, coconut, apricot, honey and lots more.
Call: +91 7718918188
Facebook: Fitness Bakery

What's special: Gluten-free products are now gaining a market of their own and if you thought you had limited options to try out, you need to think again. Check out this store that specialises in exclusive gluten-free products that are healthy and tasty eating options for your child. From gluten-free flour, to pastas, bakery products and namkeens- they have them all!
Call: +91-9820559815
Facebook: Go Gluten Free

Website: Go Gluten Free

What's special: If you are looking for some European styled- delicacies this Diwali, Nordic Kandie is the place to go. They specialise in a range of luxury handmade marzipan delicacies that gives you the exclusive gourmet experience. The unique marzipan available here is made from the finest Mamra almonds from Iran, wrapped in Belgian chocolate and covered with pure edible gold from Florence in Italy- so you know you are enjoying nothing but the best!
Call: 096996 41112
Facebook: Nordic Kandie
Website: Nordic Kandie
What's special: As a hardcore Mumbaikar, we know how much you love the delicacies available in this city that never sleeps. But you are sure would have yearned for some spicy savouries from down South or the delightful sweets from Kolkatta- you can now get them all from the comfort of your homes at this place. An entity of Craftsvilla, Place Of Origin, is making itself popular with their wide variety of shops from across the country that deliver the curated and exclusive treats you have always loved. Get your hands full of the best treats, including the sugar-free and gluten-free products from across the country here.
What's special: Divya Ranglani, the brains behind Healthy Treats, dishes out these yummy sweets straight from her kitchen with a healthy twist. The products are made from all-natural ingredients such as whole-wheat, oatmeal and barn. The treats are made with natural sweeteners such as dates, carrots, applesauce, orange juice and honey. Eggless, sugar-free and vegan options are available at this exclusive store.
Call: +91 9820154550
Facebook: Healthy Treats
Website: Healthy Treats

Image Source: www.nordickandie.eu

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