Must Buy Diwali Gift Ideas For Kids That Are Not Toys, Clothes & Mithai!

The Diwali gifting season is here. We are sure you are running from post to pillar making the purchases for your family or are busy 'adding to cart'! If you are planning to gift your children something unique, special and something they will value more- it's safe to say- ditch the usual toys and gadgets! Here are options you can consider to making the whole gifting process more meaningful.

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1. The gift of fun time with family 

gift for kids diwali

As they always say, the best gift you can give your kids is your valuable time. Spend time together as a family, head out and explore new places and share many laughs together. A short outing to the park as a family together is any day better than the best of children's cartoons! Got a few days off? Hit the road to a nearby weekend getaway and enjoy with the kids! Else, you can even get your kids tickets to the theme parks or water parks in your city and schedule a family fun outing- they will be overjoyed!

Else, you can even get your kids tickets to the theme parks or water parks in your city and schedule a family fun outing- they will be overjoyed! We told you how much fun we had with our kids and the entire team together at Adlabs Imagica!We are sure you will be inspired and want to check out more about the place. Check out our review here!

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2. The gift of reading 

books tor ead to your child

This, am sure according to many parents, will be the best investment for your child's future. As they say, you just can't have enough books! Get your child into this one habit, very early into their life and you will be convinced you did a good job of raising a bookworm! We at #KSPBookClub, tell you the best reads for your kids every week. Get them the books they choose at the bookstore. Or go ahead and sign up for a membership in an online library- Delhiites- you know you want to check out this online lending library for kids and adults, that is already our favourite!

Planning to make it extra special? Go in for Enchantico- a children's book subscription service, a brainchild of the famous author Ravi Subramanian. Click here to read KSP's review of Enchantico and why it might just be the ideal gift for your little bookworms!

3. The gift of knowledge 

The biggest worry for every parent is to keep their kids engaged and entertained for a considerable duration of time. All of us will agree that every new toy that you would have got your child would have been opened with great excitement but in precisely 17.5 minutes, they get bored and the new toy just get tossed in a corner of your house! Why not gift them something new and exciting every month instead of a one-time gift? That's when subscription boxes come into the picture.

From games based on Theory of Multiple Intelligence to easy and creative arts and crafts, these subscription boxes knock your doors with interesting activities every month. Check out this list of the best subscription boxes you need to consider before buying. 

4. The gift of travel activities

As much as we dread travelling with the kids or planning a vacation with them that involves long car rides or a flight journey, the little minds have their own worries too! In a restricted environment, where they are to display their best behaviour is a challenge for any child! Don't worry entertaining your kids when travelling is easy and here's how! You don't have to spend a lot on expensive gadgets or toys- but here are some useful DIY portable travel activity kits that we hope will come in handy!

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5. The gift of knowledge and entertainment 

The primary goal of toys is to educate and not just entertain your child. Slowly but steadily, the children's entertainment industry in our country is realising this and coming up with educative and innovative products to keep the children entertained. Find out what's latest and what will help your child in the future and plan a gift for them? Confused with the options? Here are our suggestions. Introduce your kids

Introduce your kids to the world of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with Kompanion Game Box

Cosmic Watch for your little astronomy buffs to teach them all about celestial navigation

Stimulation games built using Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences 

Augmented Reality enabled activity kits that brings alive your child's imagination

6. The gift of memories 

The minute I click a snap of my little girl in her favourite dress, she wants to see the snap, mentions the corrections in the lighting and background and then asks me to share it on Whatsapp! Everybody loves memories and children take an affection to it, more than anyone else. Capture your best moments from a recent holiday or a family get together and breathe life into them and watch the priceless smile and joy in your child's faces!

If you love the easy way of sharing pics through your phone, you know you are going to love Snapstore. This App lets you create polaroids, photo books or albums through and prints and delivers them at your doorstep! Check out KSP Review here. 

You can also check out why we liked this engineer mom's venture that lets parents do a lot more with their kids' pictures than just photos. Here is KSP's review of Pigtales.

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