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Twinkle Khanna’s Take On The Multitasking Role She Plays Daily Has Every Mom Nodding!

Twinkle Khanna aka Mrs FunnyBones was recently awarded the popular choice award at the Bangalore Literature Festival earlier this week for her book " The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad". This writer, film producer and former actress entertained everyone with her trademark wit and sarcasm. The universal struggle of balancing work and family life was the focus of her talk. Like all mothers, she tries to do it all!

Here's what we loved most from her acceptance speech at the event:

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On what its like to be a parent and a wife

"Like most women, I am an accomplished juggler. I have a full-time job, I write, I have five goldfish, four cats, a turtle, a dog, two children and a husband, and it is solely my responsibility to ensure that all these creatures are fed on a regular basis and are in a state of good health."

A few robotic arms, maybe?

Women are born multitaskers- that's a given. But we could do with some help, right? Twinkle Khanna spoke for the fraternity when she wished for magical robotic arms!

To help her daughter with her homework, to fix a gin and tonic for her husband and to slather on anti-aging cream on her face to halt the onslaught of ageing cream on her face to halt the onslaught of aging, she said with tongue firmly in cheek.

Getting rid of the mommy guilt:

This is something all of us face day in and day out. Spending an extra few minutes on an office conversation or a favourite book pushes us instantly into a mommy guilt of not spending enough time with the kids. Twinkle Khanna touched upon this topic in her award acceptance speech and we are glad she did it!

The constant trade off between work and family that women have to decide and how there isn't always a favourable solution.

Mrs Funnybones has always voiced her opinions on family, parenting, cinema, politics and literally everything! And when a celeb talks about the need for mommies to juggle and how it can be made easier, we are happy they reach more people! Check out these witty and insightful quotes on parenting by Twinkle Khanna, that we simply loved- click here. 

Mansi Zaveri of KSP had caught up with Twinkle Khanna earlier where she told us what was her parenting style and how she handled her kids and her celebrity status. Watch the full video of her interview at the fest below.


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