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Want A Clean House This Diwali? Bookmark This List Of Cleaning Agencies In Delhi-NCR

Diwali is almost upon us and all across India houses are being cleaned and polished to get ready to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, prosperity and good fortune. Did you know that there is actually a scientific reason behind the cleaning of houses before Diwali? Since Diwali normally falls between mid-October to mid-November, right after monsoons end, the cleaning makes sure all the germs and infestation that monsoons brought with them get eradicated with the cleaning and painting of the house. Most of us follow these customs blindly, but they are a very logical reasoning that most of us are not aware of.

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We've put together a list of agencies in Delhi that can help you with your Diwali cleaning this year.

Broomberg Services


Broomberg offers deep cleaning services for your home, sofa, carpet,  car, office, bathrooms, painting and pest control services in the Delhi - NCR area.

Website: Broomberg 

Contact: 8010104040



They use new age equipment and material and ensure that we clean, disinfect and sanitize from top to bottom.  The services they offer include cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, sofas and furniture.

Website: Dustbusterz

Contact: 9999296656



They believe that a clean house is important for the safety and health of the family.  The services they provide include cleaning of the house, car, offices, bathrooms, floors, kitchen and pest control also.

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Website: Kleenr

Contact: 8287111888

Mr Right

mr right

If you have things that need to be fixed then these are the guys to call. They fix things and clean your house, kitchen, carpets, sofas, floors and bathrooms too.

Website: Mr Right

Contact: 7290970611, 9582715472


They clean up your house and fix it too. So whether you want your sofa, bathrooms, kitchen and floors cleaned or you need a carpenter or plumber, they have someone for everything.

Website: Housejoy



Complete home cleaning with steam cleaning services and much more is what Zimmber offers. They have house cleaning, kitchen and bathroom cleaning facilities.

Website: Zimmber

Contact: 8080824824


hometurph cleaning delhi

Their services cover a wide spectrum of products. On the home cleaning front, they service houses, kitchens, bathrooms and sofas.

Website: Hometurph

Contact: 124-4078556

Cleaner On Call

cleaner on call

Home cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathrooms and upholstery cleaning services are offered by Cleaner On Call. You won't be disappointed.

Website: Cleaner on Call

Contact: 9212493735

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