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4 Indian Brands That Are Revolutionising The Children’s Food Market

As a mom, healthy food is of utmost importance. I keep looking for ways to get the kids to eat food which is healthy and tasty. So while I cook a fair amount, there are times when I see myself looking longingly at the rows of packaged kids food brands in the store. The convenience of these foods is a blessing for today's moms. However, are all packaged foods healthy for kids? No, not all.

So we have curated this list of the best Indian food brands and narrowed it down to the top 4 brands that have taken the packaged kid food world by storm. These are made with the best grains and other products that are healthy and nutritious. They don't contain preservatives,  which is what totally hits the spot with every mother out there. Tell us which is your favourite!

Slurrp Farm

Slurrp Farm has cereals for little kids who have just started on solid foods. The Cereals are available in three flavours: "Whole wheat, Ragi, Oat, Banana and Apple with Milk", "Whole wheat, Moong, Rice, Spinach and Tomato with Milk" and "Whole wheat, Maize, Rice, Banana and Mango with Milk"For kids who are slightly older, they have treats like delicious cookies that come in 3 flavours - Whole wheat and Cheese Cookies, Oats, Banana and Raisin Cookies and Whole wheat, Ragi and Chocolate Cookies.

Mumum Co. is the brainchild of two moms who were looking for healthy snacks for their kids and decided to look at ancient Indian snacks for inspiration. Their products are 100% fruit, veggies or grains, contain no preservatives or added sugar and are gluten-free!

Website: Mumum Co.

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Soulfull products trace their ingredients back to your grandmother's kitchen. Ragi, millet muesli, oatmeal and rago (a cereal which combines the goodness of oats and ragi) are the predominant grains used in their breakfast products. What makes Soulfull stand apart is the flavoured twist that bursts into your mouth while eating. That aside, their products are gluten-free, natural, honest and genuine or in other words contain no artificial preservatives.

Website: Soulfull

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The Butternut Co.

The Butternut Co. has a wide array of products. Every jar of nut butter is more than nuts and natural ingredients and the Butternut Co. is a combo of good health and great food. It has a staggering variety of nut butter like Peanut Butter Crunchy, Cocoa Peanut Butter, Flaxseed Almond Butter, Cashew Butter to name a few. Nut butter is extremely healthy for children and adults.

Website: The Butternut Co.

Early Foods

children's food brands

This Pune-based company was started by a mom who was on the lookout for chemical-free healthy eating options for her kids, that retained the traditional nutritional values. From porridges to jaggery based snacks, to vegan and even gluten-free, has them all. Check out their special trial packs of badam based health drinks or multigrain porridge mix, that is ideal for expectant moms, infants and toddlers.

Website: Early Foods

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