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Don’t Kid Yourself, Moms! Me Time For Moms IS Important!

Motherhood is a life-changing event for any woman. It’s an amazing feeling to be a mother but at the same time , t’s very demanding, overwhelming and challenging. Each day brings a new set of challenges. Although the mother loves her children like no one else, yet she needs a break!

Here’s why me time is very important for the moms:

  1. Motherhood overwhelms a mother both physically and emotionally. It’s often a lonely journey which is monotonous too. This monotony often makes the moms cranky, irritable, and depressed.
  2. A mother shouldn’t immerse herself so much into motherhood that forgets that she is an individual too. Often women start neglecting themselves and one fine day when the kids are grown up they find that their life has a void. It’s important that a woman maintains her individuality.
  3. A happy mom means a happy child. If the mother is always annoyed and depressed, it impacts the child. No child wants to bear the brunt of the mom’s crankiness always. Often moms start blaming the spouse and kids for her “misery.” The fact remains that only the woman can help herself. The me time helps retain her sanity.
  4. The kids and the rest of the family also start appreciating the fact that the mother is an individual and don’t take her presence for granted. The kids also learn the importance of me time and incorporate that in their life when they grow up.

What is 'me' time:

Anything that relaxes you or makes you happy is me time. It can be a span of as less as 15 minutes. Do whatever you find relaxing and rejuvenating. It can be cooking, gardening, reading, writing, watching TV or movies, listening to music, singing, chatting, or simply sleeping.

Meet up with your friends. Once or twice a month or depending on the age of the kids and help, go out with your friends. Talk about anything under the sun but the baby. Also, don’t worry about the baby. The dad or the help will take good care of the baby. The mom should simply relax and enjoy. Retail therapy is also a big stressbuster. That doesn’t mean you shop every day!

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Revive an old hobby or talent. Often moms of grown-up kids lament that they wasted their talent. Take some time out and nurture your lost talent. It will make you so happy! One might also start learning a new skill. You never know when a skill can help.

There are many women nowadays who use their skills to be entrepreneurs. The me time can actually help you to be an entrepreneur.

Never compromise on your 'me' time

Take your me time seriously. Let no one make you feel guilty about it or try to intrude. This is the time when you rejuvenate and relax. Like everyone else in the family, a mom is also entitled to her own relaxation time. Many a times, the family members feel that the mother is being “selfish” by not devoting that time to her children. Well..that’s ridiculous! A mother is as human as anyone else, so without any guilt enjoy your me time.

Learn to prioritize yourself

In Indian scenario, women once they become mothers stop prioritizing themselves. But eventually somewhere later in life when the kids grow up and get busy with their life they start feeling neglected and worthless. This causes depression and angst. That’s the reason women should never sacrifice so much that they start feeling a sense of worthlessness later.

Just indulge in your me time, come back relaxed and rejuvenated, and manage everything happily.

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