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This App Works On Your Child’s Creativity With Mini Games And Disco Dancing Cows!

Ever wondered what you did as kids to help improve your creativity? I remember my mom used to hand me three colours and tell me to draw a particular thing - like a garden scene. When I wanted to draw trees for my garden, I would look down to see that green was not one of the colours I had! I would have to improvise and therein lay the fun of the task!

Today, I would like to think teaching kids has become a tad bit easier with technology. There are glorious apps that parents can use to teach their children about numbers, letters, sentence construction, and even new languages!

This week, in our little tech corner, we review a new app that is designed to foster your child's creativity.

What's the app? 

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Nampa Party from the house of Nampa Design is a fun game that is designed to work on your child's creative skills. Dancing has been a big, successful part of all Nampa apps and has s big role to play in this app too! The disco dancing animals (Yes, you read that right!) - the main characters of the game - are all planning a party and your child is invited to design the party along with them!

Nice! Tell me more! 

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The app has 8 mini-games and no (!) in-app purchases. Games basically revolve around the party theme so your child can decorate cupcakes, make smoothies, build a burger, colour cards, compose a song and so on! The disco dancing animals guide you through every step and the games are designed in such a way that your child can play for hours. The games are designed for children 5 years and older. The app is simple, colourful, well designed and has games with no levels.

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What we liked:

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  • Loved the graphics! It is hard to stop looking at the disco dancing animals, honestly. So old school, so charming!
  • Though the app uses cartoons characters to hook the kids, we liked that they weren't passively watching something but actively participating and creating something.
  • Did we say no in-app purchases? Definitely a win in our books!

The app available in the App store from November 16, 2017, will cost Rs 250.

Download: iOS 


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