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This Mom Explains Why Twins Are Convenient For A Time Starved Mom

It was the dreaded holiday time again and I was the designated babysitter for the week since the others in the household were busy. I was looking forward to bond with the children and was excited about doing all those activities that I had always wanted to do with them.

Well, I lasted all of one day! Day one and I was already at the end of my tether; tired of playing ball with my three-year-old twins, frustrated with umpteen repeats of narrating stories like Ed the Elephant and Ekki-Dokki and too exhausted to look at another wooden jigsaw puzzle.

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I tried to recall my childhood. I am sure my parents did not spend so much time entertaining us. We siblings were always busy with our own thing. Perhaps that was the right thing to do, I told myself.

Generations of parents couldn’t have been wrong about such things. The perks of an apartment with a play area are exactly what flustered mothers need and wasn’t that why we had zeroed on this apartment in the first place?

The next morning, I reassigned the children to their usual babysitter - the tiny garden and the grand outdoor. Twins come with a ready-made playmate and the parent is essentially a redundant playmate. So who am I to protest in the face of this convenience?

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I set the little pool up in the sunny garden. After the mandatory wash down with soap in the bathroom, I sent them for an hour-long splash in the pool with a mug each. The twins spent a happy hour or more splashing in the pool, being hosed down by the passing gardener as a bonus, and watering each other and the potted plants, including the adenium much to my horror.

That's when I plonked myself with a book on a beanbag by the garden door that gave me a clear view of their antics. It was an idyllic morning. Once the neighbourhood children started coming by to watch the fun, I rushed to get them dressed. I didn't want the house got overrun by several tiny-tots trying to get into the pool.

They promptly settled down in the sand pit. Then as if inspiration struck. They dragged empty pots, begged me for seeds and went about planting the seeds in the pots. I hope that growing their own plants would teach them not to pluck the leaves of the plants in the garden.

As an added bonus, they swept the garden and did some vigorous washing of several pairs of shoes and slippers. I rescued my silver sandals from being scrubbed clean just in time.

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Well, who said motherhood comes easy? One needs to be vigilant for possible horrors like brown shoes polished in black or hair snipped off each other’s heads but twins often make it bearable because they keep each other occupied.

Some days I feel left out because the children exclude me from their play but on most days, I am happy to let them be and do my own thing. I hover nearby, badger them for the occasional hug or kiss and periodically step out of my house to check on them as they discover butterflies, play with the stray puppies or ride their cycles with the wind teasing their hair.

On these days, motherhood seemed easy and non-taxing. I can sneak in a few work emails, finish reading long-pending books, listen to music without punctuating them with my own screams and at the end of it all, not feel exhausted at all.

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