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This Is The Biggest Dilemma Every Working Parent In Mumbai Faces. Do You Agree?

As a mom, I thought I did everything right. I stayed home to watch my baby grow, I waited for a few years before resuming work, and only stepped out to rebuild my career when I knew my child was old enough to stay a few hours without me at home. I knew I would be missing the moments when my baby would come back home from school, the time she would change and go down to play, and some days even dinner and bedtime.

But the one thing I didn't factor into my planning - just how much it would hurt when those missed moments add up.

The 'early bird' doesn't quite get the worm in Mumbai!

My typical workday starts very early because I try to beat the traffic going into Mumbai's very famous Bandra Kurla complex. This mega planned commercial complex in the heart becomes a hotbed of activity on weekdays with over 6 lakh people coming in to work at its many established companies. I am one of them. I try to beat the endless traffic pouring into the complex and exactly at 5.30 I battle stares and jibes from fellow workers on my single-minded goal to head out the door before the same traffic pours out.

At every signal, as I watch the lights change from red to amber to green, I look down at my watch and mentally picture what my child would be doing. 5.30 time for milk and snack, 5.45 time to head downstairs to play, 6.30 chat a few minutes with friends (while I am stuck in yet another signal). Mommy guilt is on my mind perennially and I simply can't seem to shake it off. Let's admit it. Mumbai is a city of chaos and commuting from one end of the city to another for work and back, takes away a lot of time each daytime that I could otherwise have spent with my child, taking her for her evening music lessons, or checking her homework, or even just chatting about her day at school.


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My daily commute from Andheri to Bandra Kurla complex can range from 90 - 120 minutes on a good day. Why don't I take the train? Isn't that faster, you say? Well, have you seen the insides of a Western line at rush hour? After years of working in a city like Mumbai, I think I have grown past taking the train and deserve a decent drive home! Sometimes, it's not just the work that adds to a mom's stress, but the other factors like travel and traffic that make it all the more chaotic. Every parent dreams of all the fun things they could be doing with their kids instead of idly sitting in a car or train on a long commute.

Why not walk to work?

And that made me wonder why I need to wait a lot of precious hours on travelling each day and how wonderful it would be if I could just walk to my office! But then, it would mean, staying in an around BKC where the core of Mumbai's working population spends 9 hours every day. And that wasn't easy, I thought.

With most of the leading companies like Facebook, Amazon Google, ICICI Bank having their premises in BKC, my husband and I have often dreamed of getting a place of our own close to this area. Imagine the bliss of never having to step out of BKC - a place where home and work and play and family all somehow settled together. It would mean saving a lot of hours every week, on polluted and congested roads and instead blissfully playing with my little girl and helping her with her homework.

What would a dream home look like for parents?

What it will also mean is that I don't compromise on my fitness schedule and I can actually burn more calories walking to the office! A clear win-win situation! And that's the dream we caught a glimpse of when we visited X BKC. My husband, who loves playing in the outdoors with the kid was immensely pleased with the proposed landscaping, and sports amenities the place offered. A relaxing weekend would mean destressing myself at the swimming pool, while my child enjoyed herself at the play areas. And to top it all- a home designed by the renowned Architect Hafeez Contractor and with expert detailing to every aspect of the building. Now, which one of us can afford to pass up that opportunity?!

Sit back and make a list of things that you would do with your family instead of getting caught in travel- 'coz living here would mean, you can tick every single point mentioned in that dream list and still do lots more!

 So picture yourself lounging around on an easy chair after a hard day's work and spending every precious minute you have reclaimed from your commute with your kids - that's exactly what dreams are made of, aren't they?

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