About Kids Stop Press

About KSP
Our mission at Kids Stop Press is to discover the best secrets and encourage families to explore and learn with their young ones… Why Stop Press? “Stop Press is a phrase indicating the arrival of extremely significant news or referring to the discovery of significant information”Why Kids Stop Press? It’s a beautiful journey that I have lived through as a mother. As a first time mother there are just so many questions/doubts/ anxieties that we go through in an attempt to provide the best to our children. We are always in a dilemma whether what we are doing is right or wrong? But the truth is that each baby is unique and each pregnancy is different. Hence there are no rules to parenthood….We offer ideas for cool things to see, eat, make, be and do with your kids in your neighbourhood.  We are the only ‘Kids lifestyle website in the country’ to bring you each weekday the coolest things to do for the coolest people in town i.e. you and your kids. We take pride in being India’s best parenting Blog and holding an award for the same by Blogadda.com. It could be an outdoor fest, a play in town, child friendly dining places with special kids menu and the coolest new products & services especially made for the big small people.As parents there’s hardly any time to surf the best( I am a mom too), so we dish out just what’s important for you and that will offer kids an experience that’s different and enriching and is ofcourse worthy of your time.

If you know of something cool and would love for other moms too know and benefit too then let us know. It could be something as small as a cool place to hang or eat or an event or class you’ve loved. If it’s just a mommy rant, we’d love to know that too.

So get out there, explore and have some fun and give your kids the best gift ever – Experience!

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Founders Note:


Kidsstoppress.com is the most popular website and is now considered a trusted source of information for a lot of parents. For brands hoping to reach new and expecting parents, and connect with young & dynamic mothers & fathers, Kids Stop Press is the direct link to those audiences, delivering effective ways to engage and resonate with them via direct and experiential marketing approaches and utilizing social media initiatives. To know more please email us at info@kidsstoppress.com



 Join a fun, vibrant and growing business that would help you build a career in digital media, marketing and entrepreneurship. The kids market in India is worth INR 800 billion and is estimated to grow by 35% until 2015. Kidsstoppress is India’s first Kids lifestyle website and the only digital resource for parents that helps them make informed decisions.

Today, parents use Kidsstoppress.com to discover the best things to see, eat,try and do in their city through our curated and highly clickable content.

We’re looking for a few bright, creative and totally awesome people to add to our dynamic team to help deliver on our mission to help parents have more fun with their kids.

Come be a kid with us again!


This is a website for the parents and we would love to know your ideas and feedback. To contribute, share your ideas or write for or to advertise with us please write to us at info@kidsstoppress.com.

To have your event listed on our site, to share or contribute your story or incase you are experiencing technocal difficulties do write into us at info@kidsstoppress.com

29 thoughts on “About Kids Stop Press

  1. vikas narang

    Hey mansi,
    Just read ur introduction to the kidsstoppress. Went on the website through ur bbm status, had no clue that you were working on this.
    Love the name, love the concept.
    The website is beautifully done and very sleek.
    What a perfect way to start my day, sitting in the train on my way to work, its so pretty pouring outside & reading ur wRiteup. Its gives such a kickstart to my day, to see a friend creating something soo cool.

    Way to go & best of luck.


    1. kidsstoppress Post author

      Thank you so much. We appreciate your feedback and wait for you to visit Kids Stop Press soon.

      Team Kids Stop Press

  2. Khushii

    hi Mansi

    I came across your website and i must say i am very impressed. You doing an awesome job and also the web site is very professionally managed.

    I try to look up your site regularly now and your site is also one of my inspiration to start my new venture in kids products as i badly wanted to get back after my son giving me some space now that he is 2.5 almost.

    also i read about the kids central expo on your webpage and am taking part in it all thanks to your website for my new venture

    Keep up the good work and inspire many more


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  4. Ruchi Vasa

    Hey Mansi:

    So lucky to have given u a ride today:))) would have never known about this…awesome work and effort for getting everything about our city pertaining to our little ones on your website…fantastic keep it up and now u found an ardent follower…thanks!!


  5. Mona

    Hi Mansi,

    Just checked out your website, and I think its very interesting, informative, well laid out with articles / updates that are thank-fully not the run-of-a-mill kind! … great job, and you should know it!


    1. kidsstoppress Post author

      Dear Mona,

      Thank you so much! It feels great to be appreciated. Do keep giving us feedback and let us know if there is anything we can do to make it even more interesting. Anything else you would like us to cover. Hope you are following us on Fcaebook: http://www.facebook.com/Kidsstoppress?ref=tn_tnmn and on twitter @kidsstoppress

      Happy Parenting!
      Mansi Zaveri

  6. khushboo khandelwal

    hey mansi,

    so I’m finally reading your blog! its a fantastic concept with lots of new and interesting things to learn… am sure even 2nd time moms like me will have lots to know from it! great going!!!

  7. Trupti Vyas

    Hi, I have written and published a book on pregnany. The details of whihc are as follows:

    Journey of 9ine Months – From Womanhood to Motherhood

    Author Inspiration to write the book
    Saumya, my daughter, is the inspiration for me to write this book as looking at her
    and her growth I felt the urge within to pen down my experience from womanhood to
    mother hood, which can be a guiding force for many more future mothers. A lot has been
    written on mothers and children but all I wish to communicate through this book is only
    one thing: Your child is the outcome of what you have sown the field of your mind
    during the crucial 9ine months. I take motherhood as a very serious and pious affair
    as, God entrusts a full soul in our womb to be taken care by us and it is a very serious
    responsibility which we owe as mothers to our children.

    Author’s Speak for writing the book
    During my pregnancy days, I went through lot of literature available in the market, about
    pregnancy. I saw that a lot of emphasis was given to what one should eat or weigh during
    the 9ine months period. Most of the books stated that one should be happy during these
    days but none talked about how to be happy during these days. A lot of stress is given on
    the negative aspects of pregnancy like ill effects of lot many things on the foetus during
    pregnancy but I sincerely feel so much over information creates unnecessary burden on
    women which develops into some kind of fear about this beautiful experience of carrying
    the baby within you.

    There is no book available in the market which talks about how a woman should be
    MENTALLY during the 9ine month period. This book helps a pregnant woman to look
    forward to pregnancy with a happy, cheerful and positive attitude and not as an
    additional burden in life. Being pregnant is a unique experience in life, this books
    helps a woman to cherish that experience and look forward to the arriving baby with
    all mental preparation.

    What is the book all about?

    How to be joyful during those crucial 9 months?

    How to maintain positive attitude while confronting the challenges of pregnancy?

    How can one look forward to pregnancy with enthusiasm and prepare physically as
    well as intellectually for the divine motherhood?

    How our Vedic culture can pave way to the mother and child-in-the-womb for a
    prolific life together?

    How to be creative in welcoming the baby from the safe insulated womb to this
    colorful open world?

    Book Reviews
    A full page Book review was covered in March 28, 2011 Mumbai Mirror.

    i would like to know whether you can write about my book on your website or whether i can advertise about it on your website.

    for more details you can contact me on 9820970919

    you are doing a great job :

    trupti vys

    1. kidsstoppress Post author

      Dear Trupti,

      Its great that you’ve actually documented your journey as a mom. I would love to read it as I am going through my second pregnanacy right now. You can email me on kidsstoppress@gmail.com for details.

      Happy Parenting!

  8. reema

    hiii manasi
    very impressed with the website kidstoppress ,it is really gonna help lot of mothers.
    so nice so see all information you need on one page.
    glad you started it .


    1. kidsstoppress Post author

      Dear Reema,

      Thank you for writing into Kids Stop Press! It feels so good to hear it from another mom. Please keep sharing your feedback with me and do let us know on topics you would like us to cover.

      Do LIKE us on Facebook here http://www.facebook.com/Kidsstoppress if you haven’t already to know of all thats happening with kids

      Happy Parenting!
      Founder & Blogger-in-Chief
      facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Kidsstoppress
      Twitter: @Kidsstoppress

  9. Richa Jha

    Hi Mansi,

    You are doing a fabulous job with this website! And it’s quite clear from the way the pages connect with the reader that you are having a whale of a time getting it all together:-)
    Keep it going!

  10. Richa Jha

    Hi Mansi,

    Tried leaving a short congratulatory note earlier in the day as well, but don’t think it went through. Just wanted to say that you are doing a fabulous job with this website. And the lively way the pages communicate with a reader, it’s quite clear that you’re having a great time doing this:-) Keep it going!

  11. Richa Jha

    Hi Mansi,

    Tried leaving a short congratulatory note earlier in the day as well, but don’t think it went through. Just wanted to say that you are doing a fabulous job with this website. And the lively way the pages connect with a reader, it’s quite clear that you’re having a great time doing this:-) Keep it going!

  12. Suresh Mirchandani

    It was nice reading about you in the Outlook and then checked your site, we have an outfit with 300 children in Mumbai doing something similar, it would be nice to connet and see if we could join hands and grow,
    Look forward to hear from you


  13. Deborah

    Congrats on a great website which has a wonderful design, is informative, and most imp, up-to-date! I don’t know how you find the time, but God bless you, it’s a great resource for parents.

  14. triveni

    Helloo.. My name is triveni,I have 2yr old son, he getting cold very often after he started goin toto school play school.. Continuous running nose and too much flem..please suggest effective homee remedy

    1. kidsstoppress Post author

      Dear Triveni,

      Thank you for writing into Kidsstoppress.com. Colds in this season are really common and especially once kids start school. You could look at at our post on home remedies for kids for cold and coughs here: http://www.kidsstoppress.com/2012/02/7-indian-home-remedies-that-fight-the-cold/

      We are also posting your question on our Facebook page. So do like us on Facebook if you havent already and lets get all the moms out there to share their remedies.



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