About Us

Kidsstoppress.com is India’s first children’s lifestyle website and has its pulse on everything today’s parents want to know.

You and I are perfect examples of parents today and we want to know about the latest products, services, books, apps, child-friendly destinations, restaurants, and even answers to some rather embarrassing parenting questions! Kidsstoppress has all that and more! We have one goal at Kidsstoppress - Simplifying Parenting.

So we try and go local and find a city’s best kept secrets so that you can arm yourself with our exhaustive things to do list and enjoy exploring with your family, week after week. In addition to kidsstoppress.com, content for its subscribers is also available through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Soundcloud.


The idea behind Kidsstoppress

“Stop Press” is a phrase indicating the arrival of extremely significant news or referring to the discovery of significant information. As a first time parent the smallest thing seems big. And we attempt to provide the best answers, as parents ourselves, to the million questions and doubts you may have and we try to ease anxieties through our shared community of parents. Yes, we are all discovering information daily and every little bit is extremely significant.

We are India’s best parenting website and have awards and your continued readership to prove it. Our biggest USP is that we understand what parents of today are looking for simply because Kidsstoppress is run by parents. We know what parents need today because we are parents too. We know time is of the essence and that’s the reason why we only post things that are worthy of a parent’s time.

India today lacks a consolidated platform that can cater to the Indian parent raising kids in a landscape that is physically, culturally, and socially very different from the western countries. That's where we come into play! Kidsstoppress.com connects parents to brands, services, and events for children from across the country helping parents make informed choices through its online platform www.kidsstoppress.com. We try to make Kidsstoppress content as readily available and as relevant to parents as possible. We have the latest and most talked about topics and relevant reviews on Kidsstoppress.com. On KSP TV, we interview celeb moms and paediatric experts, we showcase DIY crafts and product reviews, and with KSP Book Club we discuss the books you want your kids to read by talking to experts in the children's book space.  With KSP Code - India’s first loyalty and exclusive access card for parents,  we make it that much easier for parents to keep going back to their brands and services they love and frequent. KSP Awards - India’s first popular choice awards for brands and services in the parenting and baby care segment, we endeavour to honour the best. Our latest venture is KSP Radio - India’s first digital radio station for kids that shares bite size news for kids about the most interesting things around them.

Founder’s Message:

Before I had my first child I worked full time and the thought of how I was going to manage my responsibilities as a mom and be great at work was one that bothered me the most. I did not want to miss out any parenting news, latest reviews of products, or just about anything that would help me at raising my children.

For a tech savvy parent like me, I wanted everything to be available to me online and I hated having to search for every little thing. And that was the driving idea behind Kidsstoppress.com. I set out with the idea of making a one-stop guide that parents across the country could access for any questions they had – be it a product review, event guide, meal plans etc. I wanted Kidsstoppress.com to be a forum that parents access every day and exit the site having learnt something new that would help them with their child for the day.

It was also a way to connect with other parents who were doing the same thing — trying new restaurants, keeping up with cultural happenings, planning fun weekend adventures…anything parents today are doing with their children. In my journey to discover the best for my child, I also understood that the only person whose opinion matters to me was another mother.

It has taken two children, numerous hours of work, play time at the park, meeting inspiring fellow moms, and sleepless nights to put Kidsstoppress.com together. We at Kidsstoppress believe that we are the voice of the new age parent who has seamlessly integrated their lifestyle with their kids.

Happy Parenting!
Mansi Zaveri