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Looking to contribute?

We’d love to hear from you! If you want your product/service or event to be featured then write to us at . If you’re interested in sharing with us your own photos or personal stories, then write into us at Here are some categories that interest us.

Birthday Parties
Send us your real party photos to feature on the site (theme, cake, invitations, favours, etc). Ideally, we’re looking for crafty/diy-ers, green party ideas, popular themes and parties that are not mass produced. If you know of bakers who bake the most drool-worthy cakes then share their coordinates too.

If you know of cool brands or products that make the life of a parent simple then share it with us to spread the word. Promise to mention you for the tip off!

Kids Rooms
Do you (or someone you know) have an interesting kids room, playroom or nursery- i.e flea market chic, contemporary, or very vintage? If you think it is cool, we would love to feature it on KSP!

Arts and Crafts
Is there something crafty your child can spend hours doing? Then why not share it with us? We love hearing about DIY crafts and little projects you can do with kids.

Travel Stories
Been on an interesting vacation with your little one that you are just dying to share with the world? Tell us here! Our readers are always looking for inspiration to travel with young children and your story could be exactly what they are looking for.

Mom's Date Night
If you love your mommy friends and want to meet new ones, then share details and pictures of all the fun nights and all that brewed that night.

Food Stories
Won a battle with your fussy eater and can’t wait to share your feat with the world? Then share it with us! As parents we are waging a daily battle between food and our kids and any amount of tips and tricks (especially the ones that work!) that help are always welcome! If you know or frequent kid friendly restaurants in your city, your first hand guide could be immense help to another parent. Send the list over now!


What we are NOT looking for

Kidsstoppress is a very inclusive space and we do not support mom shaming. To that effect, we understand everyone is entitled to their opinions but please do not write or send us a piece that judges, shames, or preaches to moms. We would love to read all about your experience and not about how you feel other moms should parent.

Editorial Policy

Contributor submissions: 

Kidsstoppress welcomes submissions of photos, videos, stories and other content.  If you do submit any content to us, you grant us an irrevocable, royalty-free, perpetual right to use that content in our discretion.  This includes the royalty-free right to copy, display, perform, transmit, and create derivative and collective works of that Content. It also includes permission to use the image and likeness of you and any person depicted in any such content for all purposes, without compensation, and a waiver of any rights of attribution, integrity, publicity or privacy you and any person depicted in any such Content may have.

Kidsstoppress reserves the right to edit a piece to fit our website’s style and also to amend contributions for grammar and spelling, and to edit or discard contributions for offensiveness or other potential legal problems.

If you do feel we are editing out portions that are important to your piece, please make sure to attach a short paragraph outlining and explaining portions that are essential and we will absolutely consider it.  

You represent and warrant that any content you submit does not infringe or misappropriate any right of a third party and that you have the right to grant all rights granted in the preceding paragraph.