Editorial Policy

We love to hear about new products, services, restaurants, parks, indoor play areas and anything that would be of interest to parents and their kids. So write in and tell us about your product and we would be happy to review it and let the parenting community know what we think about it. Be warned that we write what we honestly think about the product. We can’t lie to our fellow parents! This content is not paid for.

If you are pitching us an idea for a post it could go one of two ways – local markets (like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata) or be relevant to the parents across the country. Please send us your pitch, note, press release on info.kidsstoppress.com.

While we do carry sponsored content we make sure that the people and products we advertise for do not get to change/modify the content we write. Rest assured, readers we have your best interest at heart.