Antara Pandit

Antara Pandit
The Bubbly Blogcast is a parenting blog published by Antara Kothari who is a doting mom of two boys. She brings to you parenting uncensored. Her blog articles address real everyday and many suppressed challenges that mothers everywhere face during their motherhood journey. The blog keeps it honest and is being used as a platform by moms to be and moms everywhere to open up and share their experiences. Antara also writes for some of the top news and parenting websites like HuffPost India and Her View From Home. She is currently working on turning her blog into a book so stay tuned!
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parenting needs to be tough

This Mom Explains Why Raising Kids Is Not For The Faint-Hearted!

Posted by Antara Pandit on November 4, 2017
learning disability in children

The Many Stages Of Parenting A Child With Learning Disabilities

Posted by Antara Pandit on September 6, 2017