favourite custom cake & cupcake bakers in Mumbai
Aanya & Akshata Get An Amazing Room Makeover
Summer Camp for Kids in Gurgaon Haryana- HandsOn
hello panda biscuits review
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Favorite Custom Cake and Cupcake Bakers in Mumbai

A mom approved list of over 30 best custom cake and cupcake bakers in Mumbai

Aanya & Akshata Get An Amazing Room Makeover

The room's got it's first makeover and see how it looks.

The conversation I had with my daughter is best reflected in these photos by a fellow mom

These photographs is a must watch for parents of daughters and all those who use stereotypical adjective for girls

Review: K and U Kids Clothing in India

Chic, glam, customized and full of attitude. Clothing for boys & girls

Summer Camp For Kids in Haryana by HandsOn

The Hands on Experience. Literally!!!!

Horse Riding for Kids and Moms in Mumbai!

Learn how to ride a horse in a jiffy!

Review: Hello Panda Biscuits

Open, Lick & chuck if that's your story then try these cream filled biscuits. They are delicious!!!

Kitki Games: Who Says You Can't Play And Learn?

Looking for games where your child can learn while they play? Look no further, Kitki board games does just that! Read on for more details!

Reminder: Kitsch Mandi @Counter Culture

Kitsch Mandi @Counter Culture

Select Citywalk presents the House Of Secrets - all things kids exhibition

House of Secrets is a kids exhibition with brand s cherry picked by us to give you refreshing new collection.


Finding Dory Took This Mom Back 13 Years Ago When She Fell In Love With Finding Nemo

Jun 17th 2016

When Finding Nemo released in 2003, I was 21 and already raised on a steady diet of Disney princesses, happy endings, and fantastical stories. When...

people tv

An Avid Film Buff On The Movies Your Children Must Watch Before They Turn 10

Jun 14th 2016

The glorious season of monsoon is upon us and as parents we need to be equipped with tons of tricks up our sleeve to keep our kids entertained and...

Child girl in the Park. Yoga at sunset in the park. Girl is practicing yoga.

Yoga Poses to Solve 5 Common Health Issues In Kids

Jun 21st 2016

The United Nations has declared June 21st as the International Day of Yoga. This ancient indian science of exercise has positive health benefits on...

DIY Crayons_kidsstoppress

DIY ALERT: Breathe New Life Into Old, Unused Crayons With This Simple Trick!

Jun 7th 2016

I must admit, this activity got me super excited! My child has a bunch of old and unused crayons that he refused to use and I was tired of cleaning...

fizzzzy goblet 1

KSP Exclusive Review: Fizzy Goblet – Let Your Kids Step Out In Fashionable Footwear

May 31st 2016

Marilyn Monroe once said- “Give a girl, the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. Girls or boys- kids love shoes. I see my little...

craft supplie sto stock up on

5 Supplies I Added To My Craft Closet To Make Sure This Summer Was Fun For My Kids

May 31st 2016

I must make an honest confession that I am a hoarder of art and craft supplies for myself as much as I do for my child. We have an overflowing...


A Complete Activity Planner To Keep Your 7-10 Year Old Busy All Through May WEEK 3

May 12th 2016

Summer vacation is here! If you have already printed last week’s planner and made sure your child was kept gainfully occupied, you are going to...


The Ultimate Daily Planner To Keep Your Preschooler Busy All Summer Long WEEK 3

May 10th 2016

Summer vacation is here and Kidsstoppress just made it easier for you! We have curated an age appropriate, daily planner, filled with three...


Daily Planner That Will Definitely Keep Your 4 -7 Year Olds Busy All Summer Long – WEEK 2

May 4th 2016

Summer vacation is here! Parents of overactive and extremely curious children between the ages of 4-7 years old we understand your pain and have you...


Daily Planner That Will Definitely Keep Your 4 -7 Year Olds Busy All Summer Long

Apr 27th 2016

Summer vacation is here! Parents, if you have an overactive and extremely curious child between the ages of 4-7 years old, you know just how...

ocean sensory actvity ice activities kidsstoppress.com

These Sensorial Ice Activities Make Learning So Much Fun For Preschoolers!

May 2nd 2016

Activities with ice are just perfect for this weather. The ingredients are available at home and clean up is a breeze! For younger kids, playing with...

vegetable stamping for kids_kidsstoppress

Create These Stamping Art Masterpieces By Simply Using Vegetables 

Apr 25th 2016

Summer is here and we have the perfect activity for your little one when you are busy in the kitchen. As parents we are always looking for...

rock monsters pebble magnets rock painting ideas kidsstoppress.com

These Rock Painting DIYs Will Give You Serious #SummerCreativityGoals! 

Apr 19th 2016

Does your child always end up collecting rocks or pebbles while on camping trips or at the park? Now don’t stop him from collecting any of...


Summer Colours: Spend Hot Afternoons With These Awesome Finger Painting Ideas

Apr 13th 2016

Dipping your finger in paint and tracing it on paper is one of life’s primal joys. More often than not moms find themselves saying no to finger...

Summer Fiesta 2016 - Page 1

KSP EXCLUSIVE: NCPA Summer Fiesta 2016 – The Complete Schedule

Apr 6th 2016

Every city has hundreds of summer camps but some of them are highly coveted for their consistent quality and super high fun quotient! The Summer...

learning activities with toy cars_kidsstoppress

Too Young To Drive? Why Not Vroom Your Way To Learning With Your Car Collection!

Mar 29th 2016

Who doesn’t have a million matchbox cars at home? They are colourful, versatile and each one is so different that very soon you accumulate tons...

easter activities vegetable stamping kidsstoppress.com

Easter Learning Activities That Are Fun, Easy With Minimal Supplies

Mar 25th 2016

Easter is this Sunday and it is also a great time to sit down with your kids for some crafting. Eggs, chocolate, bunnies, Easter has so many things...

rock painting_nature inspired craft activities_kidsstoppress

Why Stay Indoors? Get Outdoors For Some Fun With These Nature Themed Activities

May 16th 2016

This summer, brave the sun with your children and head outdoors for some nature themed fun! Just grab a bucket, get your child to pick up things that...

color recognition activities_kidsstoppress

7 Easy Colour Recognition Activities With Home Supplies

Mar 9th 2016

Holi is around the corner and it is the perfect time to teach your little one all about colours. So if you are in the midst of teaching your child...

kid town fair_exhibition for kids_kidsstoppress

KidTown Fair Is Back! Head There For Endless Shopping And Family Fun!

Feb 29th 2016

Looking to take your child to fun events during school break? Then mark your calendars for Nick Jr’s annual KidTown Fair! Scheduled this year...

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Top 11 Newspapers And Magazines For Kids In India

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