Why you should borrow vs. buy books for kids in India
comic con event in Bangalore
DR. Seuss Band review
hobby ideas

Why I prefer borrowing than buying books for kids in India?

6 reasons Why and 3 ways how to maximize the borrowing

One album for all your favourite christmas songs for kids

The one Kids Christmas album you must download today!

Farmers Market Mumbai Season IV

Shop, eat and enjoy fresh and organic produce with your kids at the Farmers market every Sunday at the Maharashtra Nature Park, Bandra

Comic Convention In Bengaluru

Play, participate & win at the Comic Con at Koramangala Indoor stadium this weekend

App Review: Dr. Seuss Band - 5 star rated

Play it loud: 5 star rated app for kids 5+

7 crafty ideas for buttins - kidsstoppress

7 Ways To Get Crafty With Buttons!

Oct 7th 2015

Buttons are endlessly fascinating. Just the shape, the different colours, and the feel of rolling them around in the palms of your hands can...

6 Sensory Play Activities For Your Toddler To Try Now!

6 Sensory Play Activities For Your Toddler To Try Now!

Sep 22nd 2015

It is very important for young children to explore their surroundings using their senses. You will be surprised by just how much a child learns just...

Young Story tellers_Kahani Express_ZeeQ_kidsstoppress

Let Your Child Weave Yarns At Kahaani Express!

Sep 29th 2015

One of the most fun milestones your child will achieve when they are young is the ability to enthrall you with make believe stories. To the young...

ganpati crafts feature

Easy Craft Ideas To Celebrate Ganpati Clean And Green!

Sep 15th 2015

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the biggest festivals in Maharashtra, and celebrated for ten days! Over the past few years the tradition of immersing...

5 Fitness Videos By Kids You Must Play For Your Child Today!

5 Fitness Videos By Kids You Must Play For Your Child Today!

Sep 7th 2015

Who doesn’t want to be fit nowadays? With childhood obesity fast becoming a reality even in India gyms, exercise classes, and workouts are not...

accordion clock

Easy-Peasy Paper Craft Activities For Kids

Sep 3rd 2015

The right kind of paper is so easy to work with! There are hours of fun guaranteed not just for kids but for parents too! This week we bring you 10...

science box review_KIDSSTOPPRESS

Review: Subscription Boxes For Your Curious Scientist! Experiment And Learn The Fun Way!

Aug 27th 2015

Monthly Science Box from ZLife Education  is all about science! A fun way to make your kids understand the basics and complexities of science is let...

water cycle experiment_kidsstoppress

The Most Simple Ways To Show And Learn The Water Cycle

Aug 18th 2015

What is the water cycle? This question can be answered in so many ways. But why answer the question when you can show your children in so many...


Movies You And Your Children Must Watch To Celebrate I-Day!

Aug 14th 2015

This Independence Day once you attend a flag hoisting and tell your children about the significance of Independence Day, sit back, relax and enjoy...

feature image- kidsstoppress

Are Your Kids Learning To Be Patient?

Aug 6th 2015

Kanika G is a mother and the author of the Tania series of books, a series she started to entertain her daughter. In the Tania series, Kanika writes...


Learning Shapes with these easy ideas is literally a child’s play!

Aug 4th 2015

Children start identifying shapes very early in life and once they do they love to find out the name and are constantly searching for the shape in...

teddy bear theme party - kidsstoppress1

Birthday Party Themes All 2 – 4 Year Old Kids Will Love!

Aug 10th 2015

Your child’s birthday comes but once a year and it is a great time to spoil them rotten and have lots of uninhibited fun! KSP brings you the...

feature image-kidsstoppress

Lego Lovers Rejoice: Mumbai gets a new Lego Renting service

Jul 29th 2015

Lego has been around for so many years you can’t imagine childhood and construction without the bright colors of the much loved construction...

craft ideas for kids

Banish Those Rainy Day Blues With These Fun DIY Crafts!

Jul 22nd 2015

Yet another school holiday? Are your kids tired of watching television and whining because of cabin fever? It looks like a good day to bring out...

disney craft ideas-kidsstoppress

Embrace the Magic Of Disney With These Fun DIY Craft Projects

Jul 16th 2015

It is safe to say the Disney fascination never dies out. Whether you are 3 or 33. Everyone has a favourite character and why not? Each character has...

parent teaching a child how to ride  a bicycle - kidsstoppress

Fun Ways To Teach Your Kids To Ride A Bicycle

Jul 20th 2015

One of life’s basic skills is riding a bicycle. There are many who don’t know how to and Oh! are they missing out on a lot! The wind in...


Concoct, experiment and let your kids fall in love with science!

Jul 10th 2015

How cool is it to mix two random elements just to create a third element! Now imagine your child do the same. Science, this one word creates so much...

ksp_diy toys

5 FUN DIY toys to keep kids entertained on a rainy day

Jul 1st 2015

Ever noticed how much kids enjoy looking through the empty foil roll or empty cardboard tubes? We know they love it, they love to peep through it, to...

mother toddler

Are Mother Toddler Programs Right For You?

Jul 16th 2015

As a mother of a 2  and a half year old,  I keep sharing my  child-raising experiences with my friends who are new to motherhood. And as we enter...

Benefits of yoga for kids

Benefits of Yoga for a child’s Mind, Body and Soul

Jun 22nd 2015

Life is an Eternal Quest about knowing your body and the food that keeps it healthy. This is exactly what Hetal Chheda believes in – educating...

Our latest book obsession: Where’s Wally?

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