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Review: Greenday Natural chips for kids

Natural Chips that are vacuum fried with no added colour or preservatives.

Fun time: Lemon & Spoon race

Childhood games that we cherish> Enhance your childs concentration and coordination with some fun games


Learn about the process, people and how to make a film with Comet Media

Fun Fridays This Summer at DR Bhau Daji Lad Museum

Let your kids have a fun-filled fridays at DR.Bhau Daji Lad Museum

Suddenly something: Have kids for a better memory

Having kids may improve a woman's memory... so what are you thinking?

Once Upon A Time Musical for Kids

Sing along with your favourite story book charaters!

100 DIY Christmas Decorations that are practical and easy to try-featured collage

100 DIY Christmas Decorations that are practical and easy to try

Dec 15th 2014

Christmas calls for Carols, Cookies, Celebrations and the best part the Christmas Tree! But the most fun part of this season is decorations. Shops,...

Kinetic sand by Waba Fun in India

Review Kinetic Sand: The new, non-messy, non-sticky sand for kids. Now in India

Nov 20th 2014

We are always worried when our kids play with Sand, Play-Doh and other substances for the fear of cleaning up and getting messy. Sand play is always...

Fun science club-science-featured

Science Club For Kindergarten Kids by Fun Science Club

Nov 25th 2014

The Fun Science Club  always has something new and exciting for kids to do. This month they are out with a fun concept for the little tots! The...

Tricks with water-buzzfeed-featured

8 science tricks that you will rush home to try with your kids

Nov 17th 2014

After watching the video, I couldn’t wait to try these tricks especially with the kids.  They are simple and yet amazing. I don’t think...

KSP Crafty Mondays_diagraphs

KSP Crafty Mondays: Craft ideas to improve kids reading

Nov 24th 2014

I am quite intrigued by the way kids today are taught phonics and the emphasis on reading. In a lot of ‘Mommy conversations’ its normal...

DISTRACTED KIDS-banner-featured

12 activities to help your kids concentrate better

Dec 2nd 2014

I just have to confess that getting kids to listen and sit in a lace and complete what they are doing is a challenge all parents today are facing, me...

amazing adv-kids club

Kids Club presents “aMAZEing Adventures”

Nov 12th 2014

Kids Club is inviting schools to bring their kids in the age group of 2 years to 8 years( Nursery to 2nd grade) to an outdoor experience  in rustic...


Little Shoppers by Orange Sunshine is back and you are invited

Nov 13th 2014

If you were waiting for an exhibition for kids at The Club then it’s finally here. Orange Sunshine is back with its third big splash Little...

craft ideas for touch

KSP Crafty Mondays: Craft ideas to teach the sense of touch

Nov 10th 2014

Its important for kids to know the different senses and what each one is. And what’s a better way than to involve them in activities where they...

International clown fest 2014 india

The complete schedule to The International Clown Festival at High Street Phoenix & Phoenix Market City this weekend

Oct 31st 2014

The International Clown Festival has been in India for over a month and this seems to be just like the fun event we witnessed in 2011 when we...

post diwali

5 quick and easy tips for parents to recover after the Festive season

Oct 28th 2014

After being back from days of celebration and holidays, I can feel the tiredness that wont go soon. The pre festival shopping, meeting, eating seems...

Ways to manage your kids artwork

The easiest guide to save and manage your kids artworks in India

Nov 3rd 2014

Its such a great feeling when your child runs up to you to show his master piece and you as a parent would want to put it up. But the art work is not...

Craft ideas for motor skills- featured

Ksp Crafty Mondays: Craft Ideas To Develop Motor skills

Sep 29th 2014

Like every other Monday, here are some craft ideas to do with your toddlers and preschoolers. This week’s ideas will help the kids work on...

Magic Bus Footsetps$good

Kidsstoppress supports the Magic Bus for Footsteps4Good

Sep 23rd 2014

Join Kidsstoppress in supporting Magic Bus, the largest mentoring organization working with youth and children on the 2nd of...

water based experiments-featured

KSP Crafty Mondays: Water Based Science Experiments For Preschoolers

Sep 22nd 2014

Taking our weekly routine of sharing activities, experiments and crafts every Monday, here is yet another edition of KSP Crafty Editions ( See...


“Ramayana” Workshop for kids in Mumbai by Fun Science Club

Sep 10th 2014

Every month Fun Science Club organises a workshop that’s current and relevant to our kids today.  Their last workshop on the Indian Political...

playdough craft ideas-featured

Learning Math, Language and more using Playdough

Sep 8th 2014

If you have been following Kidssstoppress then you already know that Mondays are days to combine learning and creativity as always. This week is no...


KSP Crafty Mondays: Making Maths a lot more fun

Sep 15th 2014

In addition to our previous article on  Craft Ideas for Maths, we added some more ideas to help your little one understand Math better. 1....


25 fun craft ideas to learn sight words

Sep 1st 2014

Every school meeting that I attend the importance of reading is what every mom and teacher emphasizes on. Without a doubt it is important and in a...

Square logo with border-bizze nee

Bizzi Bees, a new toy and book library at Malabar Hill.

Sep 1st 2014

  Bizzi Bees toy and book library is the brain child of Nidhi Saraf and Dipti Daga. Nidhi did her graphic designing course and Dipti has a...

La Familia Brunch at Nido, Khar

Artzone Winter Camp

22nd Dec, 2014 - 26th Dec, 2014
More details

Christmas Workshop at Colour Crates

22nd Dec, 2014 - 22nd Dec, 2014
More details

Magic Hive Clay Christmas Creations

Christmas Workhop
23rd Dec, 2014 - 23rd Dec, 2014
More details

Christmas Workshop at Colour Crates

23rd Dec, 2014 - 24th Dec, 2014
More details

Christmas Workshop at Kydz Adda

24th Dec, 2014 - 24th Dec, 2014
More details

 Merry Making at Mantra Resort

Christmas Celebration
24th Dec, 2014 - 25th Dec, 2014
More details

Jungle Book

25th Dec, 2014 - 25th Dec, 2014
More details

Christmas Celebration at Happy Planet

25th Dec, 2014 - 25th Dec, 2014
More details

Christmas at MILLK

Christmas Party
25th Dec, 2014 - 25th Dec, 2014
More details
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