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kerri welsh pregnant at Olympics
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Kareena Kapoor on kids
Aaradhya Bachchan fashionista kid on the block
Celebrate No-TV Day with Colour Crates1

Book Review: Spinning Top

Book Review: Spinning Top

Video Review: Play Panda - a new puzzle box to enhance your child's imagination & creativity

Developed by an NID graduate, this magnetic puzzle box is sure to keep the kids busy and make it's way to a parents preferred list of gifts

Gold medalist & pregnant at Olympics 2012, Kerri Walsh

Kerri Walsh was 5 weeks pregnant when she won her 3rd gold medal.

Raising Boys & girls: Differences in Physical Development

Raising Boys & girls: Differences in Physical Development

5 Celebrity Moms Who Bore the Brunt!

Checkout these Celeb moms who have been criticised for being mommys!!

KSP Exclusive Review: Go Bonkers, the new indoor play area in Colaba also houses The Yoga House and Sundance Cafe 

First Look at the newly opened Indoor play area in Colaba, Go Bonkers that also houses the favourite Yoga House, Sundance Cafe and a Lego activity class - Brick4Kids

Saifeena not ready for kids

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are not yet ready for Kids

Master the Rubiks Cube Today

Be the Master of the Rubiks Cube!

Aaradhya Bachchan fashionista on the block?

Leopard print on a 1 year old hot or not?

Celebrate No-TV Day with Colour Crates at Oberoi Mall

Mosaic pendants, key holders and gift bags at the Colour Crates workshop this NO TV Day

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Lego Lovers Rejoice: Mumbai gets a new Lego Renting service

Jul 29th 2015

Lego has been around for so many years you can’t imagine childhood and construction without the bright colors of the much loved construction...

craft ideas for kids

Banish Those Rainy Day Blues With These Fun DIY Crafts!

Jul 22nd 2015

Yet another school holiday? Are your kids tired of watching television and whining because of cabin fever? It looks like a good day to bring out...

disney craft ideas-kidsstoppress

Embrace the Magic Of Disney With These Fun DIY Craft Projects

Jul 16th 2015

It is safe to say the Disney fascination never dies out. Whether you are 3 or 33. Everyone has a favourite character and why not? Each character has...

parent teaching a child how to ride  a bicycle - kidsstoppress

Fun Ways To Teach Your Kids To Ride A Bicycle

Jul 20th 2015

One of life’s basic skills is riding a bicycle. There are many who don’t know how to and Oh! are they missing out on a lot! The wind in...


Concoct, experiment and let your kids fall in love with science!

Jul 10th 2015

How cool is it to mix two random elements just to create a third element! Now imagine your child do the same. Science, this one word creates so much...

ksp_diy toys

5 FUN DIY toys to keep kids entertained on a rainy day

Jul 1st 2015

Ever noticed how much kids enjoy looking through the empty foil roll or empty cardboard tubes? We know they love it, they love to peep through it, to...

mother toddler

Are Mother Toddler Programs Right For You?

Jul 16th 2015

As a mother of a 2  and a half year old,  I keep sharing my  child-raising experiences with my friends who are new to motherhood. And as we enter...

Benefits of yoga for kids

Benefits of Yoga for a child’s Mind, Body and Soul

Jun 22nd 2015

Life is an Eternal Quest about knowing your body and the food that keeps it healthy. This is exactly what Hetal Chheda believes in – educating...

Monsoon camps for kids in Mumbai

Rainy Day Reds: FindUrClass Monsoon Camps in Mumbai

Jun 18th 2015

Why should summer have all the fun? Join FindURClass as they host their monsoon camp 2015  at Mount Litera International School in BKC from...

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KSP Exclusive Review: Go Bonkers, the new indoor play area in Colaba also houses The Yoga House and Sundance Cafe 

Jun 9th 2015

Go Bonkers, The New Indoor play area for kids is an initiative by Pooja Deora, Sharmeen Siddiqui and Naama Singh. Spread over 3500 sq ft, GO Bonkers...

dinosaur craft ideas.1

Make your own Dinosaurs at home with these easy craft ideas

Jun 11th 2015

With Jurassic World releasing this weekend we have something new for the kids all through this week. Today we have some craft ideas that will make...

kids board games featured banner

Classic board games to play this summer to relive your childhood

May 11th 2015

Summer break is here and so are long weekends. If you are travelling for Holidays then make sure you carry the mini versions of these games for hot...

Everything you need to know for an Indian Summer with kids - food, health and activities

Everything you need to know for an Indian Summer with kids – food, health and activities

Apr 9th 2015

Summers is all about fun, holiday, no routine and lots of hydration. This list is your guide to everything related to an Indian Summer. Whether its...

100 activities that will make your kids enjoy summers just the way you did

100 activities that will make your kids enjoy summers just the way you did

Apr 16th 2015

Summer Time is here and with schools being shut, the kids will be at home a lot more which means you will need to entertain them everyday. So instead...

Bee & Soy wax candle making workshop_mumbai

Register: AES & KSP present Candle Making with Bee & Soy wax for Kids and Parents

Apr 2nd 2015

With most schools going in to the Summer break, there are already plenty of workshops and events to look out for. But this is a definite don’t...

Review SPell Time by Cadaco

Review: Spell Time by Cadaco

Mar 24th 2015

Welcome to another review of a fun game for kids. This week we reviewed a Spelling Game called Spell Time. The game is very portable and easy to...

Grow your own pizza patch

Grow your Own Pizza Patch including Organic Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Basil & Garlic with Ecokids

Mar 2nd 2015

If you been following our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram then you know we have been spending a lot of time shopping for Fresh veggies and how...

KAMAKSHI-the sound space

Why Music Is Key and how it benefits a child’s growth?

Feb 17th 2015

Over the past eight years, Kamakshi Khurana has been associated with prestigious institutions such as B.D. Somani, Muktangan Bharitya Vidya Bhavan...

happy planet birthday poster

A fun adventurous place for your child’s next birthday!

Mar 9th 2015

Kids always look forward to birthdays and as always its the parents responsibility to make sure it turns out well. While you may be bored of...

Valentines Day Special for Kids at Funky Monkeys

Celebrate Valentines Day with your kids at Funky Monkeys

Feb 11th 2015

While you look for ways to spend time with your loved one on Valentines Day. Funky Monkeys has something planned for all the kids. This Saturday the...

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Monsoon wear for kids in india 2015
Muddy Puddles: Favourite Monsoon wear picks for kids in India

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Go Bonkers_KSP_gobonkerslogo excluisive
KSP Exclusive Review: Go Bonkers, the new indoor play area in Colaba also houses The Yoga House and Sundance Cafe 

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Right age to hav eyour first baby for Indian parents
Why I think 27 is the perfect age to have a baby and any later wouldn’t work for me?

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feature-kidsstoppress-is your child too well behaved
Is Your Child Always Well Behaved ? It May Be Time For You To Worry

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Flipkart announces new maternity policy and it’s a great first step.

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