Madhuri Dixit on being a strict mom
Madhuri Dixit
summer camp imavge
Kahani karnival for kids in Mumbai
kid with mosquito patch
HT Survey 2012 of best schools
The controversial breast feeding adv

Top 10 Amazing Parenting Lessons from My Mom

The Best parenting Advice given by my Mother!

Madhuri Dixit on why she is a strict mother?

Madhuri Dixit on why disciplining kids at an early age is so important for a strong foundation

Madhuri Dixit joins the UNICEF Bandwagon

Madhuri Dixit joins UNICEF as a part of celebrity advocate for child rights

Summer Camp Guide for Kids in Mumbai - 2014

3rd Edition of The Best Summer Camps for kids across Mumbai

Kahani Karnival is back at Smaaash this June

Music, puppetry, creative Writing, thetare, radio & clowning all at the Kahani Karnival

Safe mosquito repellents for babies

Best of the tried and tested solutions that work

HT Survey of Best schools in Mumbai 2012 - Part 1

Looking to know which schools made it to the list of most wanted in 2012

This is what it means when you don't let moms breastfeed in public

If you restrict moms to breastfeed in public this is what it results too


Here Is Your Answer To, “What Should We Do This Weekend?”

Nov 24th 2015

If you and your family love planning something to do over the weekend, this might be the perfect thing for you. Classes, workshops, activities that...


Kidtown Fair This Year Is All About Dora, Christmas, And Family Fun!

Nov 19th 2015

Mark your calendars to say Hola! to Dora! Here is your chance to enjoy a whole day getting a head start on all your Christmas shopping while your...


Watch Your Favourite Movies From The 90’s With Your Kids This Children’s Day

Nov 14th 2015

Children’s Day is a holiday that asks you to pamper and indulge your child. So why not pop in a movie you know they will love, break open a big...

diwali shopping

With These Super Fun Activities Turn Your Kids Into Your Little Diwali Helpers

Nov 3rd 2015

Diwali vacations have begun! While it may seem like a welcome break for kids, for parents who don’t share the same vacations at work, it can be...

Halloween CPK

Put Your Spookiest Foot Forward This Year At CPK’s Halloween Bash!

Oct 23rd 2015

Aren’t the words –  Halloween Themed Pizza Party just about the perfect words you have ever heard? So get ready to have a blast this...

Kid town fair

Save The Date For The Kid Town Fair Exhibition On 28th & 29th November 2015

Oct 23rd 2015

This November get ready to say Hola to Dora! Yes, Dora and Nick Jr. will be visiting the Kid Town fair this year! If your child has always been a...

Halloween Crafts With Just 4 Supplies_kidsstoppress

Easy Halloween Crafts With Just 4 Supplies

Oct 27th 2015

It was a Monday evening and the blues had set in. So we tried to stir things up at home and decided to have some fun with crafts! Sneakily, I tried...

navratri craft

Let Your Kids Play Their Way Through Navratri With These Super Fun Games

Oct 15th 2015

Our country has its own curious mix of festivals and seldom does one come along that has so many different facets to it. While we adults ourselves...

letter craft activity_kidsstoppress1

9 Letter Recognition Activities Your Kids Will Actually Want To Play!

Nov 25th 2015

We know how proud you feel when your little one is ready to master the alphabet. It is an important milestone and the first step to mastering a whole...

7 crafty ideas for buttins - kidsstoppress

7 Ways To Get Crafty With Buttons!

Oct 7th 2015

Buttons are endlessly fascinating. Just the shape, the different colours, and the feel of rolling them around in the palms of your hands can...

6 Sensory Play Activities For Your Toddler To Try Now!

6 Sensory Play Activities For Your Toddler To Try Now!

Sep 22nd 2015

It is very important for young children to explore their surroundings using their senses. You will be surprised by just how much a child learns just...

Young Story tellers_Kahani Express_ZeeQ_kidsstoppress

Let Your Child Weave Yarns At Kahaani Express!

Sep 29th 2015

One of the most fun milestones your child will achieve when they are young is the ability to enthrall you with make believe stories. To the young...

ganpati crafts feature

Easy Craft Ideas To Celebrate Ganpati Clean And Green!

Sep 15th 2015

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the biggest festivals in Maharashtra, and celebrated for ten days! Over the past few years the tradition of immersing...

5 Fitness Videos By Kids You Must Play For Your Child Today!

5 Fitness Videos By Kids You Must Play For Your Child Today!

Sep 7th 2015

Who doesn’t want to be fit nowadays? With childhood obesity fast becoming a reality even in India gyms, exercise classes, and workouts are not...

accordion clock

Easy-Peasy Paper Craft Activities For Kids

Sep 3rd 2015

The right kind of paper is so easy to work with! There are hours of fun guaranteed not just for kids but for parents too! This week we bring you 10...

science box review_KIDSSTOPPRESS

Review: Subscription Boxes For Your Curious Scientist! Experiment And Learn The Fun Way!

Aug 27th 2015

Monthly Science Box from ZLife Education  is all about science! A fun way to make your kids understand the basics and complexities of science is let...

water cycle experiment_kidsstoppress

The Most Simple Ways To Show And Learn The Water Cycle

Aug 18th 2015

What is the water cycle? This question can be answered in so many ways. But why answer the question when you can show your children in so many...


Movies You And Your Children Must Watch To Celebrate I-Day!

Aug 14th 2015

This Independence Day once you attend a flag hoisting and tell your children about the significance of Independence Day, sit back, relax and enjoy...

feature image- kidsstoppress

Are Your Kids Learning To Be Patient?

Aug 6th 2015

Kanika G is a mother and the author of the Tania series of books, a series she started to entertain her daughter. In the Tania series, Kanika writes...


Learning Shapes with these easy ideas is literally a child’s play!

Aug 4th 2015

Children start identifying shapes very early in life and once they do they love to find out the name and are constantly searching for the shape in...

KSP Kids Book Club 2: Look What We Are Reading This Week!


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