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Things To Do For Kids 21st & 22nd March - Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune,  & Chennai
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Plays & movies for kids in Mumbai

Introduce your child to theatre and musicals with some great plays for kids.Here is our guide

Worli gets a new park

A must visit new open space for our kids that has been landscaped beautifully

Video Watch: And you could do so much more with Diapers

This video on how you could use Diapers for plants will blow your mind

Devshree - Stylish Kurtas and sleepwear for your Little ones

100% cotton Kurtas and night suits for boys

Things To Do For Kids 21st & 22nd March - Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, & Chennai

The weekend is here and here is your complete guide to all indoor and outdoor activities you can enjoy with your kids this weekend in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai

Save the Date: Make N Bake & KSP Tea Party

Drop your kids to a tea party with colour & cupcakes while you shop!

Kate Gives Birth to a BOY!

Its a boy for the Duchess of Cambridge!

Treasure huts, Egg Spoon Race ad more at Funky Monkeys!- featured

An Egg – cellent Easter special at Funky Monkeys

Mar 27th 2015

Your favourite indoor play area is back with another celebration. Look forward to a fun filled and exciting Easter Celebration at Funky...

Review SPell Time by Cadaco

Review: Spell Time by Cadaco

Mar 24th 2015

Welcome to another review of a fun game for kids. This week we reviewed a Spelling Game called Spell Time. The game is very portable and easy to...

Grow your own pizza patch

Grow your Own Pizza Patch including Organic Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Basil & Garlic with Ecokids

Mar 2nd 2015

If you been following our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram then you know we have been spending a lot of time shopping for Fresh veggies and how...

KAMAKSHI-the sound space

Why Music Is Key and how it benefits a child’s growth?

Feb 17th 2015

Over the past eight years, Kamakshi Khurana has been associated with prestigious institutions such as B.D. Somani, Muktangan Bharitya Vidya Bhavan...

happy planet birthday poster

A fun adventurous place for your child’s next birthday!

Mar 9th 2015

Kids always look forward to birthdays and as always its the parents responsibility to make sure it turns out well. While you may be bored of...

Valentines Day Special for Kids at Funky Monkeys

Celebrate Valentines Day with your kids at Funky Monkeys

Feb 11th 2015

While you look for ways to spend time with your loved one on Valentines Day. Funky Monkeys has something planned for all the kids. This Saturday the...

5 Decor Ideas to liven up your child's bathroom

5 Decor Ideas to liven up your child’s bathroom

Mar 16th 2015

Bathrooms can be a boring place, especially for the kids. To make your child have a more enjoyable and entertaining time, check out these ideas to...

10+ Quick and Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas you haven't tried before.

10+ Quick and Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas you haven’t tried before.

Feb 9th 2015

The usual wrapping gifts in wrapping paper can be boring. And especially if you are gifting something to a loved on. You want to make it as special...

Smaaash Junior Awards

Smaaash Junior Awards 2015

Jan 30th 2015

Lights Camera Action! Get ready for an afternoon of glitter, glam & glitz! An awards function specially for kids! Smaaash Junior Awards 2015 is...

5 Travel photos you must take on holiday with your kids

5 Travel photos you must take on holiday with your kids

Feb 18th 2015

Family trips and holidays are much looked forward too. The kids especially love going to on a holiday because they know its all fun and enjoyment for...

5 reasons why every kid must visit happy planet

5 Activities your kids must try at Happy Planet

Jan 20th 2015

If you have been looking for a play space that’s just perfect to drop your kids and shop away while the Sales are on then you will love the New...


KSP Crafty Ideas: Super ways to make learning spellings fun and interactive

Jan 14th 2015

With schools back on, the learning begins again. While some kids may struggle with spellings or learning new words. These interactive ways will make...

Adoption checklist-BSPCA-featured

Are you ready to get a pet home? See our complete checklist here.

Jan 8th 2015

There’s always a certain age kids go through the phase of wanting to have a pet. I know it was on the daughter’s wishlist for Santa this...

Sharing Wishes

Tis the season to share, play Santa and enjoy all things Christmas at Kidzania

Dec 24th 2014

If you are not travelling this holiday season then there is absolutely nothing that you should be sad about. In fact, you could spread cheer and joy...

100 DIY Christmas Decorations that are practical and easy to try-featured collage

100 DIY Christmas Decorations that are practical and easy to try

Dec 15th 2014

Christmas calls for Carols, Cookies, Celebrations and the best part the Christmas Tree! But the most fun part of this season is decorations. Shops,...

Kinetic sand by Waba Fun in India

Review Kinetic Sand: The new, non-messy, non-sticky sand for kids. Now in India

Nov 20th 2014

We are always worried when our kids play with Sand, Play-Doh and other substances for the fear of cleaning up and getting messy. Sand play is always...

Fun science club-science-featured

Science Club For Kindergarten Kids by Fun Science Club

Nov 25th 2014

The Fun Science Club  always has something new and exciting for kids to do. This month they are out with a fun concept for the little tots! The...

Tricks with water-buzzfeed-featured

8 science tricks that you will rush home to try with your kids

Nov 17th 2014

After watching the video, I couldn’t wait to try these tricks especially with the kids.  They are simple and yet amazing. I don’t think...

KSP Crafty Mondays_diagraphs

KSP Crafty Mondays: Craft ideas to improve kids reading

Nov 24th 2014

I am quite intrigued by the way kids today are taught phonics and the emphasis on reading. In a lot of ‘Mommy conversations’ its normal...

DISTRACTED KIDS-banner-featured

12 activities to help your kids concentrate better

Dec 2nd 2014

I just have to confess that getting kids to listen and sit in a lace and complete what they are doing is a challenge all parents today are facing, me...

Review: Spell Time by Cadaco

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