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9 features in the new eKavach Pro every parent will appreciate
Top stories for Indian parents by kidsstoppress
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Scarlett Johansson Is Pregnant

Scarlett Johansson is expecting her first baby with Fiance Romain Duriac

Rohina Anand of AA Living shares 5 instant makeover ideas for your kids room

Children are extremely imaginative, and it's important to have stimulating and age-appropriate spaces. Rohina Anand shares 5 simple ways to make the kids room go wow!

9 features in the new eKavach Pro every parent will appreciate

If you are looking at a Digital Parenting Control app that will make you befriend your kids versus police them then you will love this.

Top stories this week for Indian Parents

Are you clued in with all the new products, events, things to do and tantrums....

Contest #2: Treasure Books Corner

Contest #2: Treasure Books Corner


Children learn by experience, exposure and explore. Weekend activities to make the most out of this weekend. Plays, Workshops, Art, Games and lots more.

Top Kids Birthday Party Themes for 2015

Your list to popular birthday party themes!

Weekend Guide For Kids

A list of all the activities and events for kids

Lego Lovers Rejoice: Mumbai gets a new Lego Renting service

Tired of spending thousands every time a new Lego set hits the shelves? We bring you a fun way to satisfy all Lego cravings without burning a hole in your pocket!

Are cell phones bad for parenting?

For all parents who are phone addicts and have given up the EXCLUSIVE child with your time to stay connected


Book Review: Now Read The Gita Like A Child!

Jul 29th 2015

The Bhagavad Gita is known to hold lessons of life from cover to cover. Lessons which are essential for quality living, are easy to imbibe and...


Make Learning Fun With These Cool Apps!

Jul 23rd 2015

Learning doesn’t always have to be with books. As more and more schools are shifting to learning through technology, why shouldn’t...

the conscious parent-kidsstoppress

Book Review: Make A Difference By Just Changing The Way You Parent

Jul 20th 2015

Being a parent is an overwhelming journey and one filled with peaks and falls. Any parent will testify to that. As parents we feel an enormous...

google camp-ksp

Science Queries No More! Get On Google Science Camp to Learn a Lot More!

Jul 16th 2015

A child’s world is filled with questions. They want to know the answer to every if, but and why not. Their ability to question every simple...

6 apps to hand eye coordination-kidsstoppress

Apps of the Week: 6 Apps To Better Hand Eye Coordination

Jul 16th 2015

We might scream ourselves hoarse from the rooftops about how bad screen time is for children. But the truth is we indulge them once in a while. There...

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Find Your Next Favourite Book Here! Join the KSP Book Club

Jul 13th 2015

The KSP Book Club Hangout is a unique initiative that aims to share with parents the latest books to hit the Indian and international market. Get...

Dead as a Dodo-Ksp-Book-Review

Let’s Save The Dodo! Book Review

Jul 3rd 2015

The month of June was all about getting to know our prehistoric friends. The Jurassic world movie released earlier this month and once we got our...

KSP Book Club_RainyDayReads1

Join KSP’s Kid’s Book Club Hangout

Jun 22nd 2015

Our Rainy Day Reads Hangout could not have asked for a better day than last Friday where it was pouring and there was literally nothing you could do...

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10 ways to squeeze in reading time with your kids

Jul 9th 2015

Much has been written about how developing a good reading habit is important for our children, the problem however is how to free up some time from...

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Book Review: The Case Files of P.I. POJO

Jun 9th 2015

The Case Files of P.I. Pojo – The Killing of Mr. Heathcote is fun to read and interesting. The more you read the book, the more it intrigues you....

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10 Space Stimulating apps for kids who want to explore the universe.

Jun 30th 2015

This is the perfect way to show your child the world beyond our planet, Mother Earth. The Solar System , Milky Way Galaxy , Universe are some of the...

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Top Apps for Kids: Animals, Stars, Words and more this week

May 26th 2015

Some exciting apps to aid your child acquire understanding on numbers, languages, animals and more. 1) Find them All : Looking for Animals (age...

apps to learn everything about dinosaurs

Fossil Finds! Cool Apps that we are digging to Teach the Kids All About Dinosaurs

Jun 16th 2015

If you haven’t seen Jurrassic World then it’s a must watch with the kids. The Dino epidemic has taken over our kids and we can totally...

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Just Launched: A Digital News Service for children that dishes out age appropriate international content

May 18th 2015

Reading a newspaper with your children is one of the best ways to develop a good reading habit in them. It is something even our parents gave us...

Apps Tuesday: 6 fun apps to get your preschooler to learn about different professions

Jun 2nd 2015

While growing up kids dream to be different things. They look up to people around them and take their decisions. We bring to you 6 different apps to...

Must Try Apps to teach kids countries, capitals, monuments and cities of the world.

Must Try: Apps to teach kids countries, capitals, monuments and cities of the world.

Apr 28th 2015

We know Geography can be a boring subject with the regular teaching at school. And with holidays here, kids need to keep practising their regular...

Time Machine Apps to teach your 5 year old to tell time

Time Machine: Apps to teach your 5 year old to tell time

Apr 21st 2015

Every week we bring you tops apps of the week to learn something new. Why not use the holidays to spend time teaching your kids to tell time with...

31st march-Just Launched Top Apps to try for your curious 4 year old

Just Launched: Top Apps to try for your curious 4 year old

Mar 31st 2015

Check out these top apps for the week. Kids will practice shapes, language, motor skills and more. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and...

Battle Hymn of a Bewildered Mother_Review

On the Shelf: Battle Hymn of the Bewildered Mother

Mar 23rd 2015

So yes the first question is this title sounds familiar. Yes it does but if you could relate to Amy Chua then this one is not for you. It is not a...

How to raise kids who read_Danial Willingham

5 things that you can instantly adopt from Danial Willingham’s book-Raising Kids Who Read

Mar 19th 2015

More often than not every teacher, parent and educationist lays emphasis on Reading. As a new parent you often wonder how and really how do you make...

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Monsoon wear for kids in india 2015
Muddy Puddles: Favourite Monsoon wear picks for kids in India

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Go Bonkers_KSP_gobonkerslogo excluisive
KSP Exclusive Review: Go Bonkers, the new indoor play area in Colaba also houses The Yoga House and Sundance Cafe 

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Right age to hav eyour first baby for Indian parents
Why I think 27 is the perfect age to have a baby and any later wouldn’t work for me?

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feature-kidsstoppress-is your child too well behaved
Is Your Child Always Well Behaved ? It May Be Time For You To Worry

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Flipkart announces new maternity policy and it’s a great first step.

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reading_ksp_sqeeze time
10 ways to squeeze in reading time with your kids

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