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You Are Not Alone: Postpartum Depression Affects 1 in 5 Indian Moms

It isn't all about the new born baby. Mom needs attention too.

Video Review: Super Math Spy - a game to make Math fun for your children

Super Math Spy is a great Math Game for children above 8 years who are learning different Math functions. It adds in fun, speed, application and social skills.

Guest Post: Because i am worth it by Gopika Kapoor

Gopika Kapoor adresses all the moms to spend a bit of their time for performing their activities rather than restricting themselves to do so by following certain norms

Paltrow Has to Say This About Raising Kids In An Over Sharing World

Gwyneth Paltrow, known famously for her secretive world, opened up recently about her kids, divorce, and her ex husband Chris Martin.

KSP EXCLUSIVE: Millk a Play area for kids with Cafe & Spa for parents opens today

Parents will love the taste of this Millk, a first of it's kind recreation centre , spa and cafe under one roof.

This campaign shows you how you can secure your loved ones

Watch how this single parent fulfills his special child's dream

Dora gets Kid Town Fair in her back pack

Stay updated with all the new products for kids

Rohina Khira shares a working moms survival guide

A A Living’s Rohina Khira Shares Her Survivial Guide To Balancing A Career And A Child

Feb 8th 2016

Here is the hard truth. I have a 3 year old daughter and forget the work-life-real-life balance crap, its hard enough being a mum...

kala_ghoda_youtube thumbnail_kidsstoppress

KSP Book Club: Kala Ghoda Fest Special

Feb 5th 2016

This week on our weekly KSP Book Club, we are doing something different! Our favourite Kala Ghoda Fest begins this weekend and as we all know it is a...

KSP Shopping Haul Featured Image

KSP Book Club: Books We Bought This Week

Jan 29th 2016

This is one resolution you must break! Buying more books. Each time you crib an cry that I have no space to store more books and then you get excited...

cover my mumbai_yellow pinwheel project_kidsstoppress

Review: Get Your Kids Intrigued About Mumbai With The Yellow Pinwheel Project

Feb 4th 2016

We all know our children love to play while they eat. Now imagine something to do just that while inspiring them to fall in love with their city. If...

Animal Apps

5 Apps To Introduce Your Children To Roars, Bleats, and Growls!

Jan 13th 2016

Children are and will always be fascinated by animals. Videos, games, books featuring animals are among their favourites. So why not expose them to...

apps for kids_ Marble Math Junior_kidsstoppress

Math Made Easy With These 5 Must Try Apps

Jan 19th 2016

1. Maths Training for kids Description: Answer 10 questions to pass a level in a short period of time! Each question allows 30 seconds of answering...

Fitness Apps

Parents: Kickstart Your New Year Resolution For 2016 With These 5 Fitness Apps

Jan 4th 2016

It is 2016 and I am sure all of us have this one goal on our 2016 New Year resolution list. Each one of after all those Diwali sweets to Christmas...

new year reolution apps

These Apps Will Make Sure You Stick By Those Resolutions In 2016!

Dec 31st 2015

A new year means making resolutions. Whether you are planning to quit smoking or stay fit, whether you are planning to save some money or read more,...

Christmas Apps_kidsstoppress

These 5 Christmas Themed Apps Will Be Your Reason To Be Jolly This Season!

Dec 23rd 2015

Can’t get enough of Christmas now can you! If you are looking to download just a few more apps on your smartphone for the season we have the...

christmas Apps for kids_Christmas Tale HD_kidsstoppress

These 5 Apps Will Add That Extra Zing To Your Christmas Season!

Dec 15th 2015

Christmas is almost here and if you have already put up the tree and started baking cookies but are still struggling to get the kids in the mood,...

math apps for kids

These Math Apps Will Change The Way You Feel About The Subject!

Dec 9th 2015

Mathematics. You either love it or you hate it. For all those parents who want to inculcate a love for mathematics in their children but can’t...

KSP Book Club 2

KSP Kids Book Club 2: Look What We Are Reading This Week!

Nov 27th 2015

We are back with our 2nd episode of the Book Club and what we are reading this week. you know we love books especially children’s books! Every...

5 Apps That Are Hot And Trending Right Now!

Nov 24th 2015

Sometimes the best way to know if an app is good or not is to find out just how many people have reviewed or downloaded it. The simple logic is if so...


6 Apps That Will Teach Your Child To Code!

Nov 17th 2015

In today’s world technology is king. It isn’t enough merely to know how to use technology, it is important that our children learn to...

picture books for early readers_kidsstoppress

Recommended Picture Books For Early Readers

Oct 27th 2015

Richa Jha is a picture book enthusiast and creator. She’s the author of Best Friends are Forever, The Susu Pals and The Unboy Boy. Her next...

picture books for preschoolers_kidsstoppress

Author Richa Jha Suggests Must Read Books For Your Preschooler That Aren’t Classics

Oct 19th 2015

What an amazing age to introduce new books to your child! By the age of four your child will learn to associate sounds with letters and may even be...

picture books for toddlers _kidsstoppress1

Author Richa Jha Says you Must Include These Toddler Picture Books In Your Reading List

Oct 12th 2015

Reading before bedtime or simply sitting down to read with your toddler now has a special meaning for both of you. You may welcome the few minutes...

Online eources

Space Starved Parents Of Readers: These Resources Are For You!

Nov 3rd 2015

Parents, if you are bemoaning the loss of storage space to keep books daily and you are wondering when your closet became an extra shelf space for...

Apps - kidsstoppress

5 Apps To Try Now For Your 5 Year Old!

Oct 7th 2015

Does your child constantly ask for your phone or tablet to watch videos and play games? Now you can give in to them without a worry! Just download...

if moms designed apps_kidsstoppress

Here Is What A Mom’s Smartphone Will Look Like If She Designed Her Apps

Sep 21st 2015

Can we really live without our smartphone apps? I depend so much on my apps that I can’t even think of a time before them! We can now use apps...

#KSPBookClub 10: Kala Ghoda 2016 Special For Kids

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5 Apps To Introduce Your Children To Roars, Bleats, and Growls!

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