healthy eating during diwali-dhvani shah
This school's so exclusive, you must be born into it!- rebecca manari
storytelling with puppets
Mid Day Travel with kids article 29th april 2012 resized
Funky Monkeys Play Centre

Expert Speak: Foods for kids that you must skip and those that are completely worth indulging this Festive Season

A complete guide on what you must eat and what you must delete of your kids menu this festive season.

The ultimate Halloween Party for little ghosts, goblins and vampires at Palladium Mumbai

Get ready for some hocus pocus fun at the spookiest Halloween for parents and kids in town

5 toys you must buy for your kids. They wont outgrow it soon!

You will never regret getting these toys for your kids.

Do you agree with the new Tata Sky 13 learning channels ads?

Tata Sky gives TV viewing for kids a 'learning' twist. You love?

On the book shelf: Brown Like Dosas, Samosas And Sticky Chikki

A fun book for kids that teaches them that their thoughts, actions and words are far more important than the colour of their skin.

This school's so exclusive, you must be born into it!

Author, Teacher and mom Rebecca Manari speaks on Homeschooling in India

Puppet Tales with Junior Writers Bug

A workshop for kids with storytelling, puppets, music and movement

Press: Kidsstoppress in the Sunday Mid day

Sunday Mid Day, feature on travel with family by Kids Stop Press

Funky Monkeys now in Andheri

India's Favourite Indoor space opens its second space in Andheri

top apps for kids featured image

Top Apps for Kids: Animals, Stars, Words and more this week

May 26th 2015

Some exciting apps to aid your child acquire understanding on numbers, languages, animals and more. 1) Find them All : Looking for Animals (age...

young current-featured

Just Launched: A Digital News Service for children that dishes out age appropriate international content

May 18th 2015

Reading a newspaper with your children is one of the best ways to develop a good reading habit in them. It is something even our parents gave us...

Must Try Apps to teach kids countries, capitals, monuments and cities of the world.

Must Try: Apps to teach kids countries, capitals, monuments and cities of the world.

Apr 28th 2015

We know Geography can be a boring subject with the regular teaching at school. And with holidays here, kids need to keep practising their regular...

Time Machine Apps to teach your 5 year old to tell time

Time Machine: Apps to teach your 5 year old to tell time

Apr 21st 2015

Every week we bring you tops apps of the week to learn something new. Why not use the holidays to spend time teaching your kids to tell time with...

31st march-Just Launched Top Apps to try for your curious 4 year old

Just Launched: Top Apps to try for your curious 4 year old

Mar 31st 2015

Check out these top apps for the week. Kids will practice shapes, language, motor skills and more. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and...

Battle Hymn of a Bewildered Mother_Review

On the Shelf: Battle Hymn of the Bewildered Mother

Mar 23rd 2015

So yes the first question is this title sounds familiar. Yes it does but if you could relate to Amy Chua then this one is not for you. It is not a...

How to raise kids who read_Danial Willingham

5 things that you can instantly adopt from Danial Willingham’s book-Raising Kids Who Read

Mar 19th 2015

More often than not every teacher, parent and educationist lays emphasis on Reading. As a new parent you often wonder how and really how do you make...

pratham books featured

10 New Books From Pratham Books To Freshen Up Story Time this summer

Apr 15th 2015

If you are trying to add some zing to that Bookshelf then here are 10 books from Pratham Books that will do just that. Pratham Books is a non profit...

Top Apps For Preschoolers This Week

Top Apps For Preschoolers This Week

Mar 17th 2015

We give you a list of apps, you must have on your tablet/phone for the kids this week. Don’t forget to view our First apps for kids and Dr...

Glen maxwell books

On The Book Shelf: Glen Maxwell’s Lucky Break & Academy All Stars

Mar 18th 2015

With the Cricket Fever all around the world, Why not get your kids to read something on the similar lines. The books follow a simple language and is...


Dr Seuss Fans rejoice! 25 years later, there is a new book!

Feb 20th 2015

We all thought it was the end of Dr. Seuss’s books after the great author passed away in 1991. His books always made in the book lists for...

A bedtime story

This mom skipped fairy tales for stories of her most dreaded subject. Did it help?

Feb 24th 2015

We have grown up listening to bedtime stores whether it was a fairytale or a cat mouse story. Parents always read story books to their kids with the...

Review Brain Quest- A Fun Educational Game For Young Kids

Review: Brain Quest – A pack full of fun Edutaining cards

Feb 4th 2015

I have been on a marathon spree to make car time more productive, fun and entertaining especially on those days when we are hopping from one end of...

Kala ghoda 2015

First look at the Kala Ghoda 2015 Schedule for kids

Feb 2nd 2015

The most awaited and popular art festival is back! And like every year The Kala Ghoda Fest has some fun workshops and stalls. The Kala Ghoda Fest...

Best books for list 2015

The Best Children’s Book Lists of 2014 to Follow

Feb 6th 2015

Last week Times released its list of 100 Best Books for Children to read in a Lifetime. The list covered the absolute favourites and some new ones....

Times 100 childrens books

The Time Magazine Exclusive List: 100 Best Children’s Books.

Jan 23rd 2015

The Time Magazine list of the Top 100 books for children is here. This one is a great guide on catching up on some classics if you are a first time...

5 must download apps to teach your kids colours

5 must download apps to teach your kids colours

Jan 27th 2015

Apps can actually be a fun way to teach your kids new things. Or even help them practice to become better. Ofcourse screen time must be monitored...

New Apps this week Apps to build logic, language and math

New Apps this week: Apps to build logic, language and math

Feb 24th 2015

Its a new year and if you have recently been gifted or bought the electronic favourite tablet/Ipad, then these apps and games should definitely be on...

Rat-a-tat book cover

On the book shelf: Rat-a-Tat by Sakshi Singh

Jan 13th 2015

When we received the first book by  Sakshi Singh(popularly known as the Girlyhour) Rat-a tat, the kids just couldn’t stop laughing. The book...

9 features in the new eKavach Pro every parent will appreciate

9 features in the new eKavach Pro every parent will appreciate

Jan 12th 2015

With kids today having easy access to phones, ipads and laptops, it becomes necessary for parents to know about their child’s virtual world. We...

Making Math fun for your kids with the Super Math Spy game

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