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Gymboree Dance
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Worli Fest 2013

Food, dance, song, comedy, live acts and more only at the Worli Fest. Get the schedule here

5 Apps That Should Be On Every Mom's Smartphone

Moms listen up: Need help keeping track of your busy life? We bring you 5 apps to do just that.

Ila Arun brings back Kabuliwala and Swaranjali to Prithvi for kids this summer

Catch the classic Kabuliwala & Swaranjali - Jhansi ki Rain at Prithvi.

Go Disco Dancing with Dad at Gymboree this Father's Day

Celebrate Fathers day with Gymboree


A weekend Guide that promises you will be at the right place at the right time with your kids this weekend.

Review: Candylicious chocs that look pretty

Candylicious chocs that look pretty.

Helps Your Kids Ace The English Language With Cambridge English Young Learners Test

May 26th 2016

Remember as little children- how we would learn something new and immediately conduct mock tests to see if we have learnt it right? The confidence a...

calming jar_kidsstoppress

Calm Down This Summer By Making A Calming Jar With Things Easily Found At Home

May 13th 2016

A Calming Jar is a great sensory tool to help settle down an anxious child. These jars have shown to distract and regulate the thoughts of a child...

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Apps That Teach The Basics To Make Sure Your Kids Are Ready For Preschool! 

May 10th 2016

Learning begins at home and as parents we all know we need to prepare our children for preschool. Essential things such as shapes, colours, letter...


Review Little Bookworms: Preloved Books For Your Child That Don’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket!

May 19th 2016

When I was growing up, my parents indulged me with books because in me, they spotted a child who preferred to read than spend time playing. My dad...

mom struggles to fight and understand eczema-kidsstoppress

Book Launch: One Mom’s Struggle To Understand, Fight, And Rein In Her Child’s Eczema

Apr 15th 2016

Regular readers of Kidsstoppress will know and remember reading about Aiyana’s struggles with eczema and how Anandita her mom chronicled their...

must download autism apps_kidsstoppress

Must Download Apps That Will Definitely Help Parents Of Kids With Autism

Apr 13th 2016

All children love playing games and watching videos on tablets and smartphones. But in the past few years, apps have played in a major role in...

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Must Download Apps For 3-12 Year Olds To Keep Them Busy While On A Holiday!

May 6th 2016

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” “No we are not there yet! And we have a long way to go!”   Sounds familiar? How...

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These Parenting Books Are Trending And Why You Should Be Reading Them

Mar 18th 2016

As parents we are constantly doubting ourselves. So at every step of the way, every time we do something for our kids, we instantly look to parenting...


Review: Is The Personal Math Teacher You Want For Your Child

Apr 1st 2016

All through my school years Mathematics filled me with dread. I would wake up in a cold sweat the night before my exam and no matter how much I...


Review: Dwinguler Products That Will Finally Complete Your Child’s Playroom

Mar 31st 2016

Playmats are one of those essentials that every parent buys. Whether you have carpet or marble, red oxide or tiles, every parent knows that once baby...

study planning apps for kids_kidsstoppress

These Are The Apps You Must Download To Make Exam Season Stress Free!

Feb 23rd 2016

We are smack bang in exam season and while tensions are riding high, we need to tell you that the calmer you are the better. So while you must be...

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KSP Book Club: Read In A Language You Love!

Feb 15th 2016

Why limit your child’s library to just English books? With a variety of amazing books available in every Indian language, we tell you why you...

kala_ghoda_youtube thumbnail_kidsstoppress

KSP Book Club: Kala Ghoda Fest Special

Feb 5th 2016

This week on our weekly KSP Book Club, we are doing something different! Our favourite Kala Ghoda Fest begins this weekend and as we all know it is a...

KSP Shopping Haul Featured Image

KSP Book Club: Books We Bought This Week

Jan 29th 2016

This is one resolution you must break! Buying more books. Each time you crib an cry that I have no space to store more books and then you get excited...

cover my mumbai_yellow pinwheel project_kidsstoppress

Review: Get Your Kids Intrigued About Mumbai With The Yellow Pinwheel Project

Feb 4th 2016

We all know our children love to play while they eat. Now imagine something to do just that while inspiring them to fall in love with their city. If...

chhota bheem_activity books for kids_kidsstoppress

Review: Learn Math And English Now With Chhota Bheem!

Feb 29th 2016

How do you combine your child’s love for TV characters with some educational reading? Bring them together of course! If your child is a huge...


Indian Parents On The Ifs, Whys, And When They Would Buy Their Child A Kindle

Feb 9th 2016

As my daughter is  growing up and I look at books on e – stores and libraries, I find myself steering every conversation I have with fellow...

Animal Apps

5 Apps To Introduce Your Children To Roars, Bleats, and Growls!

Jan 13th 2016

Children are and will always be fascinated by animals. Videos, games, books featuring animals are among their favourites. So why not expose them to...


Must Download Apps For Scientists Aged 4 And Older!

Mar 15th 2016

Children are naturally curious about the world around them and when they can start asking questions, their natural curiosity will lead them to...

apps for kids_ Marble Math Junior_kidsstoppress

Math Made Easy With These 5 Must Try Apps

Jan 19th 2016

1. Maths Training for kids Description: Answer 10 questions to pass a level in a short period of time! Each question allows 30 seconds of answering...

How I Celebrated Mother’s Day + Our Secret Pizza Recipe

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