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Gopika Kapoor on after thoughts of Mother's day and what new age parents have made of it.

This mom and daughter shares her thoughts on how being a mom helped her in being a better daughter

Celebrate The Tulika Day At Atta Galatta

Atta Galata & Tulika invite you to a day filled with books, readings, activities and an opportunity to interact with the authors

Review: The Make & Bake and KSP Tea Party

Recap of all the fun we had at The Make & Bake Tea Party

16 Gifts Moms-To-Be Want For Their Baby Shower But Aren't Telling You

Steer Clear OF the Big Teddy Bear! THese are the gifts moms to be want for their baby shower

Bookaroo Festival - bringing books & children together

Children's literature festival with storytelling, quizzes and poetry, to workshops on picture-book illustrations and discovering India

Children's Day Special Events-Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune

Don't miss Children's Day special events across the country

KSP Book Club 2

KSP Kids Book Club 2: Look What We Are Reading This Week!

Nov 27th 2015

We are back with our 2nd episode of the Book Club and what we are reading this week. you know we love books especially children’s books! Every...

5 Apps That Are Hot And Trending Right Now!

Nov 24th 2015

Sometimes the best way to know if an app is good or not is to find out just how many people have reviewed or downloaded it. The simple logic is if so...


6 Apps That Will Teach Your Child To Code!

Nov 17th 2015

In today’s world technology is king. It isn’t enough merely to know how to use technology, it is important that our children learn to...

picture books for early readers_kidsstoppress

Recommended Picture Books For Early Readers

Oct 27th 2015

Richa Jha is a picture book enthusiast and creator. She’s the author of Best Friends are Forever, The Susu Pals and The Unboy Boy. Her next...

picture books for preschoolers_kidsstoppress

Author Richa Jha Suggests Must Read Books For Your Preschooler That Aren’t Classics

Oct 19th 2015

What an amazing age to introduce new books to your child! By the age of four your child will learn to associate sounds with letters and may even be...

picture books for toddlers _kidsstoppress1

Author Richa Jha Says you Must Include These Toddler Picture Books In Your Reading List

Oct 12th 2015

Reading before bedtime or simply sitting down to read with your toddler now has a special meaning for both of you. You may welcome the few minutes...

Online eources

Space Starved Parents Of Readers: These Resources Are For You!

Nov 3rd 2015

Parents, if you are bemoaning the loss of storage space to keep books daily and you are wondering when your closet became an extra shelf space for...

Apps - kidsstoppress

5 Apps To Try Now For Your 5 Year Old!

Oct 7th 2015

Does your child constantly ask for your phone or tablet to watch videos and play games? Now you can give in to them without a worry! Just download...

if moms designed apps_kidsstoppress

Here Is What A Mom’s Smartphone Will Look Like If She Designed Her Apps

Sep 21st 2015

Can we really live without our smartphone apps? I depend so much on my apps that I can’t even think of a time before them! We can now use apps...

6 apps for toddlers and preschoolers

6 Apps Your Toddler Must Try Today!

Sep 28th 2015

Learning for children starts young and nowadays learning for children can even start from your smartphone! This week KSP brings you apps that your...


5 Apps That Should Be On Every Mom’s Smartphone

Sep 2nd 2015

1. Uber:  Uber has a loyalist in me! A super convenient service to travel to all my errands, birthday parties, and any other place I need to be!...

New Apps To Try This Week For Your Preschoolers

5 Must Have Apps For Your Curious Preschooler!

Aug 25th 2015

We live in a world where technology users are drastically reducing in age. As parents we are well aware of how much our little ones love playing with...

picture books-kidsstoppress

Must Have Picture Books In Your Baby’s First Library

Aug 19th 2015

Having a baby is an exciting time! Close to labour new moms often think of stocking up on all the things her new baby will want and need. Along with...


9 Apps To Encourage Your Little ‘Word’Smith!

Aug 17th 2015

Games on the tablet or phone are not always about quick challenges and swift play. A lot of them teach kids new words, improve their vocabulary and...

I - Day Books For Preschoolers, Independent Readers & Young Adults. -kidsstoppress

Books That Should Be On Your Child’s Reading List This Independence Day

Aug 14th 2015

Book a journey to Incredible India by Lubaina Bandukwala We the people of India became masters of our own destiny 68 years ago on August 15. But most...

breastfeeding-apps every mom needs to have

4 Breastfeeding Apps Every New Mom Needs to Have to Achieve Her Nursing Goal

Aug 5th 2015

Let’s be honest, breastfeeding is an incredibly daunting task. As a new mom I was recovering from painful labour and also had to deal with a...

history apps-kidsstoppress

5 Apps That Make Learning History So Much Fun!

Aug 11th 2015

History wasn’t my favourite subject in school but I loved travelling through time and learning all about different cultures, civilizations and...


Book Review: Now Read The Gita Like A Child!

Jul 29th 2015

The Bhagavad Gita is known to hold lessons of life from cover to cover. Lessons which are essential for quality living, are easy to imbibe and...


Make Learning Fun With These Cool Apps!

Jul 23rd 2015

Learning doesn’t always have to be with books. As more and more schools are shifting to learning through technology, why shouldn’t...

the conscious parent-kidsstoppress

Book Review: Make A Difference By Just Changing The Way You Parent

Jul 20th 2015

Being a parent is an overwhelming journey and one filled with peaks and falls. Any parent will testify to that. As parents we feel an enormous...

KSP Kids Book Club 2: Look What We Are Reading This Week!


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