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Bookaroo Festival - bringing books & children together

Children's literature festival with storytelling, quizzes and poetry, to workshops on picture-book illustrations and discovering India

Elefantastik Kids Shoes & Totes

Struggling with a pair of good shoes & totes for your child? Some really cool stuff in store

Contest #1: Treasure Books Corner

Contest #1: Treasure Books Corner

Plays & movies for kids in Mumbai

Introduce your child to theatre and musicals with some great plays for kids.Here is our guide

Baby on board for Kristen Bell

Kristen bell expecting second child

Prenatal Classes and Yoga Therapy in Mumbai

Pre and postnatal yoga and lamaze classes

How to Talk to your Kids about Tragedies

Know all you need to share with your kids after disturbing events

Masti ki Pathshaala begins at High Street Phoenix

Learn the art & crfats from around the world at High Street Phoenix

on the book shelf _ The adventures of stoob

On the book shelf: The adventures of Stoob

Aug 21st 2014

Stoob-Subroto Bandhopadhyay, a 10 year old boy narrates his journey at the end of his junior school. Both of his parents are working for a living....

50 parenting books that every parent should read

50 Parenting books that every Indian parent should read

Aug 19th 2014

Ok so our list of Parenting books is finally out. Its taken us a long time compiling this list, and I am glad that our efforts have finally paid off,...

Preschooler apps

Apps for the preschoolers who loves to learn

Jul 31st 2014

If you are planning all your long weekends and like to carry activities to keep the kids busy then don;t carry those bulky books. This week we have 7...

6 free apps to celebrate toothloss_featured image

6 Free Apps to celebrate your child’s tooth loss!

Jul 23rd 2014

If you are wondering what’s so exciting about tooth loss and all the fuss that’s created around it. Well look at it from a child’s...

5 best apps for kids this week_featured image

5 Best apps for kids this week

Jul 15th 2014

With the availability of smartphones getting easier, it’s a little difficult to keep the kids away from them. Over indulgence is obviously...

Trending 5 best educatopnal apps for kids_feature image

TRENDING: 5 best educational apps for kids aged 5 – 10 years

Jun 26th 2014

As on today, technology has changed the learning rules forever. Whether you are a kid, businessman or a mother learning is always possible and...

Book Review The merry Adventures of harshbardhan & gobardhan_featured Image

Book Review: The Merry Adventures of Harshbardhan and Gobardhan.

Aug 5th 2014

Reading a book is something that does not go well with many. But humour will go with most of us for sure. It’s a welcome when it comes from books...

6 mommy friendly apps to stay ahead of the game_feature image

6 mommy friendly apps to stay ahead of the game

Jul 2nd 2014

Married! working! having kids!. Managing home, work and family is a challenging task for sure. But we are women and women can manage it all. Yes! for...


On the Book Shelf: Tinkle Holiday Special

Jun 4th 2014

If you are heading out for holiday’s or enjoying the last few days of you summer break, the Tinkle Holiday special is out and this one is for...

Bookaroo summer schedule 2014

Here is what you cannot afford to miss at Bookaroo’s Summer Schedule 2014

May 21st 2014

  Bookaroo – a one of a kind kid-list fest that celebrates children’s literature is all set to begin on 19th of May. After having...

Iron Man – Trailer [HD]

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