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Kids Avtivities Mumbai- Mini Park Sessions
Goodearth bamboo cool range
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Are cell phones bad for parenting?

For all parents who are phone addicts and have given up the EXCLUSIVE child with your time to stay connected

Win passes to the Mumbai Christmas Fest 2012

Win family passes to the Mumbai Christmas Fest only on Kids Stop Press

Bamboo Cool: Tableware for children

Kids Tableware range that's made with non toxic colours

Love or hate the 'hot Facebook Mom'? What's your excuse?

Who is the hot Facebook Mom and why have women waged a war against her?

HT Survey: Top Schools in East Mumbai 2013

These are the Top Schools in East Mumbai!

Reading in multiple languages to kids

Reading to kids in multiple Indian languages. Where to get books in regional languages?

Sponspored post: Lifebuoy help a child to reach 5

Lifebuoys help a child reach 5 initiative

Stylish Moms comfortable footwear

Looking for comfortable, colourful, stylish footwear....

Gopika Kapoor Launch

Meet, Tweet and Greet the authors of “The Spiritual Success”

Nov 26th 2014

Our guest blogger, Gopika Kapoor had written about her soon to be published book The Spiritual Success. We live in a world of instant gratification...

Book review- Daddy by Tuhin Sinha

On The Book Shelf: Daddy by Tuhin A. Sinha

Nov 24th 2014

This work of author Tuhin Sinha is for first time Daddies who don’t know what to do, expect and how to react  when they heard they are about...

Payal Kapadia-hangout-imgae

Author Payal Kapadia on Books, Reading and More

Nov 7th 2014

Recently we  had a spooky chat with the Award winning Author Payal Kapadia about her recent book The Horrid High and lots more.It was great having...

12 websites worksheets-featured

12 Websites that will end your search for Worksheets

Dec 1st 2014

With the necessity to build your kids learning and improve their skills, after school activities is what drives a lot of moms crazy. We never feel...

ebooks by kanika g-featured

This mother daughter duo have self published 11 E-books for kids

Dec 17th 2014

Kanika G, a mother of two started writing to entertain her daughter.  She began writing stories with characters her daughter could relate to. Her...

ekavach-featured-app review

An app that lets you learn, analyze and know your child’s digital whereabouts

Nov 5th 2014

With our previous post on Social Media and Kids, parents might have realized that kids are very active on social media. And with kids being a step...

word game apps-featured-banner

6 Word Game Apps for kids that you wouldn’t mind increasing screen time for.

Nov 25th 2014

It’s a world filled with so many things to do and achieve that it’s just hard to keep track. How do you know which are the coolest apps...


On the book shelf: ‘Batatawadai Puram Adventures and More’

Oct 7th 2014

This week on the book shelf we read ‘Batatawadai Puram Adventures and More’. And we suggest you should have this one on your book...

8 apps to boost your Preschoolers Logical Reasoning

8 apps to boost your Preschoolers Logical Reasoning

Dec 15th 2014

As always we bring you the best apps that we believe will add learning from the millions available out there. It’s always a great to strike a...

apps for toddlers-featured

10 edutaining Apps to try for Toddlers this week

Sep 30th 2014

Previously we brought to you a list pf apps just for your preschoolers. Today, Kidsstoppress brings you a list of apps to entertain  toddlers and...

Wheres wally - handford cover

Our latest book obsession: Where’s Wally?

Nov 4th 2014

This is one book series that your kids will never outgrow and is a great family activity. Mind you it’s not only for kids. You will see...

First Experience Books all kids love

First Experience Books all kids love

Sep 18th 2014

As a new parent if you are looking at building your child’s library whose just turned one and will now start his routine eye and dental check...

Apps for reading- featured

14 apps to improve and aid reading for preschoolers

Sep 9th 2014

  Learning to read and creating a love for reading is undoubtedly that one advice everyone will give you without telling you how. I am not an...

Math Apps- featured

Interactive Learning With Math Apps

Sep 16th 2014

Using apps to teach your kids is a fun and interactive form of learning. These math apps will make your kids love numbers. 1. Kids Academy  123...

On the book shelf- Amma tell me about ganesha-featured

On the book shelf: “Amma, Tell me” Indian Mythological stories for kids

Sep 5th 2014

Bhakti Mathur, based in Hong Kong and mother of two started her work as an author in 2011, when she published her first book “Amma, Tell Me About...


On the book shelf: What Would I tell her @ 13

Sep 17th 2014

This book comes in a at a right time, keeping in the mind the way today’s generation is progressing. And by that I mean the over influence of...

Success for kids - gopika kapoor for Kidsstoppress

Spiritual Success by Gopika Kapoor

Sep 4th 2014

Today our Guest blogger, Gopika Kapoor  talks about her new book, Spiritual Success. Her previous articles like 5 Learnings I want to share after...

on the book shelf _ The adventures of stoob

On the book shelf: The adventures of Stoob

Aug 21st 2014

Stoob-Subroto Bandhopadhyay, a 10 year old boy narrates his journey at the end of his junior school. Both of his parents are working for a living....

photo apps

7 Amazing photo apps to edit your kids pictures

Sep 3rd 2014

The other day when the daughter was asked to take pictures of her parents to school, both me and the husband started digging through albums to search...

50 parenting books that every parent should read

50 Parenting books that every Indian parent should read

Aug 19th 2014

Ok so our list of Parenting books is finally out. Its taken us a long time compiling this list, and I am glad that our efforts have finally paid off,...

Kidsstoppress visits Marks & Spencer’s to check out Winter & Christmas Collection

Christmas Party at Funky Monkeys

Christmas Party
19th Dec, 2014 - 19th Dec, 2014
More details

FasTracKids Christmas Mela

20th Dec, 2014 - 20th Dec, 2014
More details

Bamboola 6th Fun Carnival

20th Dec, 2014 - 20th Dec, 2014
More details

Santa's Workshop by KangarooKids

20th Dec, 2014 - 20th Dec, 2014
More details

Spoonbill Santa Claus 

Christmas Party
20th Dec, 2014 - 20th Dec, 2014
More details

Divas & Dudes Christmas Party

Christmas Party
20th Dec, 2014 - 20th Dec, 2014
More details

Grinch Who Stole Christmas Musical

21st Dec, 2014 - 21st Dec, 2014
More details

Crafternoons Christmas Ornaments

21st Dec, 2014 - 21st Dec, 2014
More details

Deora Christmas Carnival

Christmas Carnival
21st Dec, 2014 (All day)
More details

Artzone Winter Camp

22nd Dec, 2014 - 26th Dec, 2014
More details

Christmas Workshop at Colour Crates

22nd Dec, 2014 - 22nd Dec, 2014
More details

Magic Hive Clay Christmas Creations

Christmas Workhop
23rd Dec, 2014 - 23rd Dec, 2014
More details

Christmas Workshop at Colour Crates

23rd Dec, 2014 - 24th Dec, 2014
More details

Christmas Workshop at Kydz Adda

24th Dec, 2014 - 24th Dec, 2014
More details

 Merry Making at Mantra Resort

Christmas Celebration
24th Dec, 2014 - 25th Dec, 2014
More details

Jungle Book

25th Dec, 2014 - 25th Dec, 2014
More details

Christmas Celebration at Happy Planet

25th Dec, 2014 - 25th Dec, 2014
More details

Christmas at MILLK

Christmas Party
25th Dec, 2014 - 25th Dec, 2014
More details
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Book review- Daddy by Tuhin Sinha
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