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shilpa shetty with viaan
Invite for social networking sites b
6 mommy friendly apps to stay ahead of the game_feature image
Genelia dsouza pregnant
5 minute recipe to tomato & basil soup
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Quirky DIY products by Sky Goodies

Sky goodies comes up with a range of DIY paper products for kids

Shilpa Shetty with Viaan at ISKON Temple

Shilpa seen with Viaan at ISKON

6 mommy friendly apps to stay ahead of the game

Mommy friendly apps that are a must tryouts

Genelia Dsouza has a baby on board

Genelia Dsouza shows off her pregnancy glow!

Today's Activity: Stuff the Sock

Stuff the sock and make a Snake.

5 minute recipe for fresh tomato & basil soup

Shout Yummy Mummy when you taste our kiss of good health packed with flavour for kids.

Book Review: Kazaki and other Tales by Premchand

The best Collection from Munshi Premchand!

Shop Review: Organic chic kidswear with Awerganic

Eco-Chic Organic clothing for babies,kids and women

Review: Explore Delhi with Karma Kids Travel

All you need to visit with your kids in Delhi

5 foods I promise not to buy at the supermarket again

5 things I promise not to buy at the Grocery Store again

Aug 11th 2014

I think life is coming to a full circle where we moved from Home made food to processed and ready made food and are now moving from that back to real...

Healthy Treats for kids in Mumbai_gluten free_sugarless _ vegan_nut free desserts for kids

Healthy,vegan, gluten-free and nut-free treats for kids in Mumbai

Aug 7th 2014

With a lot of schools cracking down on excess sugar to prevent obesity and diabetes all across the world especially the US, I think it’a...


Cafe Nemo opens at Worli Village and kids are allowed

Aug 4th 2014

  We were at Cafe Nemo last week for the tasting week and this one is something I was looking forward too. A cool new hangout in Worli that...

Terttulia Eat drink Love

Terttulia to open in Mumbai and they love well behaved kids

Jul 11th 2014

If we spot a place that serves some great food and doesn’t call for a rushed meal with kids then we love it. Terttulia opens at Shivaji Park...

20 pasta recipes your kids will love__featured image

20 Pasta recipes your kids will love!

Aug 20th 2014

  While your safe pasta dish to order is always the Penne Alfredo, you know it is a dish in my dishes not to order list. So while most kids...

15 play date and snack ideas for indian kids_feature image

15 play date Snack Ideas for Indian kids

Jun 30th 2014

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and you are reading that book you wanted to for so long and THAT is when you remember it’s your turn...

favourite custom cake & cupcake bakers in Mumbai

Favouriate Custom Cake and Cupcake Bakers in Mumbai

Jun 12th 2014

A party without a cake is just a meeting. And its just so true, isn’t it? We all love desserts don’t we? Be it anytime we are just always...

Selena Kohng food art ideas_featured image

This mom’s food art is sure to inspire you

Jun 16th 2014

Making sure that your kids are regular with their food habits is a tough task. Further we know how boring healthy foods are in looks and appearance....

7 irresistible mango recipes for kids

7 irresistible mango recipes for your kids.

Jun 2nd 2014

This post was prompted by the nauseating Mango milkshake that most moms have been feeding their children all through the Mango season. It got me...

6 dishes for kids you must stop ordering now

6 dishes you need to stop ordering now if you want a child who eats everything

May 22nd 2014

As urban Indian parents we do inherently believe that we are probably feeding our kids right because we feed them freshly made home cooked food. Our...

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