Christmas Fest mumbai 2014
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5 things to do with kids this weekend
kala ghoda
shilpa shetty with viaan
katie holmes & suri cruise on a commercial flight to ohio
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Save the date for the 9th Mumbai Christmas Fest

The Christmas Fest and Racing Carnival in on its way!

Book Review: The Merry Adventures of Harshbardhan and Gobardhan.

Join Harshbardhan & Gobardhan in a rib tickling adventure

Top 5 things to do this weekend with kids

If you are looking for whats happening this weekend then its your guide to weekend masti with kids

Childrens Lit schedule at the Kala Ghoda Fest 2014

All thats books at The Kala Ghoda Childrens Lit Fest

Wax Hand Sculptures for kids by Wax Hand Wizards

Dip your Hands into WAX and enjoy your own wax sculpture!!!

Shilpa Shetty with Viaan at ISKON Temple

Shilpa seen with Viaan at ISKON

Are you shy to use public transport with your child?

Trying public transport with your kids. Katie Holmes takes her first commercial flight.

Passport To A Healthy Pregnancy

Passport To A Healthy Pregnancy

Today's Activity: Stuff the Sock

Stuff the sock and make a Snake.

5 things black

My favourite 5

Nido presents la familia brunch featured

Enjoy a relaxed Sunday Brunch at Nido with special treats for kids

Dec 18th 2014

If you love Sunday Brunches just like I do then you are in for a treat. Sunday Brunches to me are just eating a big fat meal over lots of...

smoke House Deli- featured

Smoke House Deli’s New Childrens menu is an absolute treat for kids

Nov 27th 2014

If you have been following our post then you already know that Smoke House Deli launched a new kids menu and without a doubt it’s #awesome. If...

10 veegie soups-featured

10 winter veggies that make the most delicious soups

Nov 10th 2014

Soups are a quick and easy way to get your kids to eat their veggies. Whether its an afternoon meal or an early dinner meal, soups are healthy and...


12 winter foods that remind me of my childhood days

Dec 1st 2014

Just when the weather changes and you find it hard to get up in the morning and those 5 minutes more actually turn out to be a good 15 minutes more...

healthy eating during diwali-dhvani shah

Expert Speak: Foods for kids that you must skip and those that are completely worth indulging this Festive Season

Oct 20th 2014

 Dhvani Shah is a naturopathic nutritionist, speaker and author of “Don’t just feed…Nourish your child”, “Super foods for Super...

wonder foods while travelling-featured

7 wonder foods all moms carry while they are travelling

Oct 21st 2014

Being a Gujarati I am quite used to the jokes on how gujjus carry their food world along with them just about everywhere. But the truth is these...

food bloggers must follow-featured

5 Food Youtube Channels moms can’t get enough of

Oct 13th 2014

Like it or not most parents probably spend enough time in the kitchen or outside trying to get the most nutritious meal on the table for their kids...

Pantry & KSP Short & Sweet

The Pantry & Kidsstoppress’s ‘Short & Sweet’, food meets films workshops for kids

Sep 30th 2014

The ‘Short & Sweet’ Sunday workshops at The Pantry in association with Kidsstoppress is a our little way of exposing kids to...

Healthier ways to eat oatmeal-featured

13 recipes that will make Oatmeal more appealing

Sep 30th 2014

This post is more of a function of searching ways to give the Oatmeal a more glamourous avataar. So while we generally eat it this way  Oatmeal...

8 Breakfast ideas - featured image

Quick, Scrumptious & New: 8 Breakfast ideas for kids that are healthy & quick

Sep 15th 2014

It can be a busy morning when kids have to go to school and we know it’s crazy in the morning but you go to make it less hectic. As a family...

chips and fries collage

Fruit and Vegetables chips to try with kids

Sep 2nd 2014

The healthy evening snack is driving me nuts. The balancing between healthy junk is also quite a struggle. Here are a few great ideas that will help...

5 foods I promise not to buy at the supermarket again

5 things I promise not to buy at the Grocery Store again

Aug 11th 2014

I think life is coming to a full circle where we moved from Home made food to processed and ready made food and are now moving from that back to real...

Healthy Treats for kids in Mumbai_gluten free_sugarless _ vegan_nut free desserts for kids

Healthy,vegan, gluten-free and nut-free treats for kids in Mumbai

Aug 7th 2014

With a lot of schools cracking down on excess sugar to prevent obesity and diabetes all across the world especially the US, I think it’a...


Cafe Nemo opens at Worli Village and kids are allowed

Aug 4th 2014

  We were at Cafe Nemo last week for the tasting week and this one is something I was looking forward too. A cool new hangout in Worli that...

Terttulia Eat drink Love

Terttulia to open in Mumbai and they love well behaved kids

Jul 11th 2014

If we spot a place that serves some great food and doesn’t call for a rushed meal with kids then we love it. Terttulia opens at Shivaji Park...

20 pasta recipes your kids will love__featured image

20 Pasta recipes your kids will love!

Aug 20th 2014

  While your safe pasta dish to order is always the Penne Alfredo, you know it is a dish in my dishes not to order list. So while most kids...

15 play date and snack ideas for indian kids_feature image

15 play date Snack Ideas for Indian kids

Jun 30th 2014

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and you are reading that book you wanted to for so long and THAT is when you remember it’s your turn...

favourite custom cake & cupcake bakers in Mumbai

Favouriate Custom Cake and Cupcake Bakers in Mumbai

Jun 12th 2014

A party without a cake is just a meeting. And its just so true, isn’t it? We all love desserts don’t we? Be it anytime we are just always...

Selena Kohng food art ideas_featured image

This mom’s food art is sure to inspire you

Jun 16th 2014

Making sure that your kids are regular with their food habits is a tough task. Further we know how boring healthy foods are in looks and appearance....

7 irresistible mango recipes for kids

7 irresistible mango recipes for your kids.

Jun 2nd 2014

This post was prompted by the nauseating Mango milkshake that most moms have been feeding their children all through the Mango season. It got me...

La Familia Brunch at Nido, Khar

Artzone Winter Camp

22nd Dec, 2014 - 26th Dec, 2014
More details

Christmas Workshop at Colour Crates

22nd Dec, 2014 - 22nd Dec, 2014
More details

Magic Hive Clay Christmas Creations

Christmas Workhop
23rd Dec, 2014 - 23rd Dec, 2014
More details

Christmas Workshop at Colour Crates

23rd Dec, 2014 - 24th Dec, 2014
More details

Christmas Workshop at Kydz Adda

24th Dec, 2014 - 24th Dec, 2014
More details

 Merry Making at Mantra Resort

Christmas Celebration
24th Dec, 2014 - 25th Dec, 2014
More details

Jungle Book

25th Dec, 2014 - 25th Dec, 2014
More details

Christmas Celebration at Happy Planet

25th Dec, 2014 - 25th Dec, 2014
More details

Christmas at MILLK

Christmas Party
25th Dec, 2014 - 25th Dec, 2014
More details
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