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Exclusive Review The Flubber and the Friends show
Win Native shoes in India
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Recipe: My 5 favourite dips for kids

its tasty, quick and super healthy

Kitki Games: Who Says You Can't Play And Learn?

Looking for games where your child can learn while they play? Look no further, Kitki board games does just that! Read on for more details!

Rules for shooting with toddlers in India

The all you need to know guide on shooting with the toddler stars

Review: Flubber and friends show

Exclusive Review of the Flubber & Friends show

Kidsstoppress Contest: We are giving away 5 pairs of Native Shoes

Win a pair of the 'it' shoes in town. They are hip, colourful and super lite

5 Must Have Pregnancy Apps For The Expecting Mom!

We bring you the top 5 pregnancy apps to help you every step of the way for the 9 months when you wait for your baby! Get all your doubts answered and info at your fingertips!

Paper Craft Workshop for Kids in Mumbai

Learn how to make letter holders with Bombay Paperie

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Every Parent Can Relate To This Hilarious Video On Toddlers And Food! When Does It Get Better?

May 27th 2016

Let’s admit it. There has not been a single day when any mom has emerged victorious over the battle of food with her little one. Weekends may...


These Illustrations Will Make You Rush To Hug Your Dad And Start Planning Father’s Day

May 20th 2016

Father’s day is just around the corner and we are all set to make sure Dad has a great day and knows just how much he is loved. These...

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Travelling With A Little Child? You Know You Need The World’s Smallest Folding Stroller Ever!

May 20th 2016

Any parent who has ever travelled with a child and a stroller knows that airlines and strollers are a match made in parent hell. Either the airline...

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Masaba Gupta Speaks To KSP Exclusively About Designing For Kids Label Magic Fairy!

May 12th 2016

We have heard of them both – Magic Fairy and Masaba Gupta. Magic Fairy is the go to destination to shop for party dresses for little girls....


A Complete Guide To Keep Your 7-10 Year Old Busy All Through May WEEK 2

May 5th 2016

Summer vacation is here! If you have already printed last week’s planner and made sure your child was kept gainfully occupied, you are going to...

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Review KAARYAH: Western Formal Maternity Wear With Promises Of Style And Comfort

May 10th 2016

When you know you are pregnant, there are a million things that go through your mind. Anxiety about becoming a mom, plans for a room for the new...


The Ultimate Daily Planner To Keep Your Preschooler Busy All Summer Long WEEK 2

May 3rd 2016

Summer vacation is here and Kidsstoppress just made it easier for you! We have curated an age appropriate, daily planner, filled with three...


A Complete Activity Planner To Keep Your 7-10 Year Old Busy All Through May

Apr 29th 2016

Summer vacation is upon us and parents if you are looking to keep your 7-10 year olds busy with fun activities, we may have just the thing you need!...

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Review: This Computer Scientist Mom Turns Toy Maker To Bring New Toys To Life

May 10th 2016

As parents we all know the top toys brands – Fisher Price, Melissa and Doug, LeapFrog – but how many times do we think about the benefits...


The Ultimate Daily Planner To Keep Your Preschooler Busy All Summer Long

Apr 27th 2016

Summer vacation is just a few days away and we know parents all across this great country of ours are panicking about how to keep their preschooler...

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Review: Paper Crush Is Quirky, Fun Stationery That Serves A Purpose For New Parents

Apr 27th 2016

One of the most glorious things to look back on when you have children is the sheer enormity of the things you have collected over the years. A...

Gamaya Legends_kidsstoppress

KSP Exclusive Review- Gamaya Legends: Grandma’s Mythological Tales Meets Virtual Reality Experience

May 27th 2016

As a little girl, I was always fascinated with Grandma’s stories. She would sit us down and narrate beautifully the heroics of the mythical...

toys for autistic kids_kidsstoppress

Toys That Work Wonders For Children On The Autism Spectrum

May 3rd 2016

Toys come in all shapes and sizes and as parents we are well aware of just how fast we can fill our homes with toys! Toys can be a great way to...


KSP Exclusive: Kahani Karnival, KSP, And BDLM Bring You Kid’s Drama Festival! Don’t Miss It!

Apr 7th 2016

Kickstart summer holidays with a fabulous festival! Two days filled to the brim with fascinating stories, enthralling theatre performances, and...

Kainaz Davar_Get KSP Code by Kidsstoppress.com

Kidsstoppress Launches KSP CODE, India’s First Benefit Card For Parents

Apr 7th 2016

What does your family do on most weekends? I know what mine does. Through the week we are all slaves to our routines. Work, school, homework, a...

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It Is Time To Take Sides! Batman Vs Superman Goodies We Are Crushing Over!

Mar 31st 2016

The latest craze to hit theatres and enter our lives is Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Every child is talking about it and taking sides and...


The Hottest Spring – Summer Fashion Trends For Children In 2016!

Apr 14th 2016

Children’s fashion is now a multi million dollar industry with a fashion week dedicated to showcasing kids clothes and seasoned fashion...


Review: Chomp Is A Curated, Healthy Snack Box That Works To Kill Unhealthy, Binge Eating

Apr 26th 2016

For me work is always marked by the 5 pm slump. It is a time post the lunch rush when I find myself reaching for a cookie or something salty and...

kids eductaional tees_kidsstoppress

These Ask Me Tees For Kids May Soon Be The New Thing. Know of It Yet?

Apr 14th 2016

 Spend a half hour with my child and you will understand the true meaning of what curiosity is really about. Like every 4 year old on the planet,...

sophie la girafe0

Meet Sophie. The Giraffe That Took The World By Storm, Now In India

Mar 14th 2016

At the face of it, Sophie is a 7 inch high giraffe with big black eyes, a hint of blush on each cheek, caramel coloured spots, and a beatific smile...

How I Celebrated Mother’s Day + Our Secret Pizza Recipe

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