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Lifebuoy Help a Child reach 5 Campaign - Sponsored Video

Join hands with Kajol - Donate, share and make a difference.

Story Revolution: Books for less

A brilliant e-book store where you get the best titles at reasonable prices. Books are precious and here they are recycled

Fun Time at Folkmela!

Folk Fun at the Hippocampus Play Centre

Drive Your Storage Blues Away with Google Photos!

Why delete old photos to make way for new memories? With Google Drive your photo storage and organization woes are a thing of the past.

On the book shelf: "Amma, Tell me" Indian Mythological stories for kids

"Amma, tell me" series is a picture book series on on Indian mythological characters and stories

Gymboree activity centre for kids launches in Mumbai

The leader in activity classes for children launches in Mumbai and you are invited!

This List Of Workout Gear Is Sure To Make You Feel Fit And Fabulous!

Nov 26th 2015

The countdown has began! With 2016 barely a month away from now, we are sure you would be working on getting back in shape for the little black...

lego slippers_save your feet some pain_kidsstoppress

Save Yourself Some Lego Pain And Invest In These Super Slippers!

Nov 18th 2015

On a scale of 1 to 10 of pain, stepping on a Lego piece in the middle of the night has to be a gazillion. If you are all too familiar with this pain,...


Mickey Mouse Items To Celebrate His 87th Birthday!

Nov 18th 2015

Mickey Mouse celebrates his 87th birthday today and we would like to send a shout out to our favourite mouse on this very special day! Everyone has a...

Shop for a whole new wardrobe this season_pepe jeans_kidsstoppress_1

Stock Up On Fall And Winter Essentials From Pepe Kids

Nov 23rd 2015

Autumn is here and winter is just around the corner, so that just means it is time to hang up our raincoats and switch our wardrobe to winter...

cqkidsBoard Games That Encourage Creativity_kidsstoppress1

Product Review: CQKids Games, Designed To Tap Into Your Child’s Creative Side

Nov 17th 2015

Remember those times when we were forced to be indoors because of the rains and we would pull out our trusted board games like Snakes and Ladders,...

gap collection for kids_ksp

GapKids Wants To Bring Charlie Brown To You This Christmas

Nov 19th 2015

With Navratri, Diwali and Halloween safely tucked away it is now time to turn our sights and attention to Christmas! One of the greatest, time tested...

Fairy Lights 2

Review: Fairytale Lights To Add A Touch Of Whimsy To Your Child’s Room

Nov 9th 2015

This Diwali, if you are planning to buy a new string of lights, let us direct your attention to a brand new idea. Fairytales are string fairy...


DIY Alert: Fun Family Crafts Your Kids Can Make This Diwali!

Nov 4th 2015

By now if you are wondering how to keep your kids busy over the Diwali break then here are some fun things you can do! In the past we brought you...

jaagte raho

Drop Everything And See What These Babies Have To Say

Oct 30th 2015

If babies could talk what would they say? The possibilities are truly mind boggling. NH1 Design, a branding and consultancy studio, has used that...

peekaboxx subscription box for kid_kidsstoppress

Peekaboxx: Subscription Snack Boxes For Indian Kids

Nov 2nd 2015

It is 2015 and the biggest worry for urban parents of might just be coming from the kitchen. Every morning, every mom will ask her child for an...

hostess gift ideas

10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Party Hosts That Are Guaranteed To Please!

Nov 5th 2015

Diwali means parties, visiting relatives, exchanging gifts, you get the drift. So for all those lucky enough to have a pocket full of invites, we...


12 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes That Will Save Your Soul (And Face!)

Oct 29th 2015

Jeepers creeepers! Halloween is this weekend and if you have been completely overwhelmed by festivals one after another and have not had time to...

Gap festive collection - kidsstoppress

Bridging the GAP between comfort and style!

Oct 17th 2015

Ever had to make a choice between comfort and style for your children? Well, you won’t have to anymore! Gap Kids...

Halloween costumes

Let Your Fear End Here! The Best Halloween Costumes For Kids In India

Oct 29th 2015

Halloween is a stressful time of the year for parents! Your child falls in love with one costume and you are tasked with the effort of getting it....

mason jars - kidsstoppress

8 Mason Jars You Totally Need To Shake, Store, And Serve!

Oct 1st 2015

Mason jars have come a really long way. In today’s urban kitchen they have established themselves as a must have trend! Unlike plastic...


Kitki Games: Who Says You Can’t Play And Learn?

Oct 21st 2015

We all remember learning as a task we had to do in school. But today there is so much talk about learning by having fun, learning while playing, and...

ganpati hp

Here Is How You Can Teach Your Child All About Ganesha This Year!

Sep 16th 2015

Let’s get our creative juices overflowing this festive season! Starting with Ganpati, could there be a better time to let our imagination run...

pepe jeans

Look Who Is Too Cool For School! The New Pepe Kid Is Now In Town!

Sep 11th 2015

Watch out for the coolest kids in town! Denim lovers rejoice! Our evergreen favourite Pepe Jeans has launched a new line exclusively for...

sleeping chart - kidsstoppress

Do You Think Your Child Is Getting Enough Sleep?

Sep 9th 2015

How much sleep is enough for your children? Every parent wonders if their child is getting enough sleep and whether they should be in bed longer,...

Wipes in India with natural ingredients

Natural, Gentle, And Must Have Wipes For Every Diaper Bag

Sep 30th 2015

How many times have we gone to the park, or to a restaurant and used wipes not just to wipe our children’s hands but almost everything in...

KSP Kids Book Club 2: Look What We Are Reading This Week!


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DIY Alert: Fun Family Crafts Your Kids Can Make This Diwali!

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