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amos lee review
Homeopathy for kids cough and cold
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Meher: The Third Annual Cuddles Foundation Fundraiser

We know you can make a difference. See you at the third Cuddles Foundation Fundrasier


If you are a breastfeeding pro, make sure to stock up on these lactogenic foods

The Mumbai Farmers' Market is Back!

Fine gourmet and music and the 2nd Mumbai Farmers Market

Book Review: The Diary of Amos Lee.

If your kids love the Wimpy kid they will love this more!

Calling all Ice age 4 fans in India

Ice age 4 the plot, plan for the weekend, movies with kids

Is Homeopathy the answer to frequent colds, coughs among kids in India?

Homeopathy a complementary alternate medicine that most moms fall back on

Review: Candy Cane Club, board games for children in India

Games for preschoolers that encourage lateral & strategic thinking.

birthday gift ideas

The 5 Hottest Games To Gift This Season

Aug 31st 2015

If you and your children are looking at birthday invitations every weekend, then it would be a good idea to stock on some birthday gifts. KSP brings...

Tiber Taber - kidsstoppress

Tiber Taber Is Ethnic Wear Your Kids Will Want To Wear Every Day

Aug 25th 2015

Now here is a breath of fresh air! Bored with the same old ethnic wear for your children? The kind you used to wear as a child and is now still...


The Complete List of Uber Cool Rakhis And Where You Can Buy Them From!

Aug 17th 2015

With Independence Day over the past weekend, the festive season is officially upon us. It is time to indulge yourself with some new clothes, and...


They Are Finally Here! The Children’s PLACE Launches on I-Day In India!

Aug 17th 2015

As a parent, we are always searching for just the right pair of comfortable clothes for our kids. We need to cover so many aspects! Comfortable,...

rakhi guide

The Only Gift Guide You Will Need This Festive Season

Aug 27th 2015

Gifts bought for Rakshabandan are all about saying how much you care. So if you are in charge of buying your little one the perfect gift, here are so...


Video Review: Unblock Quest, A Game To Hone Problem Solving Skills

Aug 7th 2015

Unblock -Quest is a new DIY toy that is extremely addictive and super challenging for kids. Created by well known DIY toy makers, Imagi...

Sara Kerens, Jewliebots, February 2015

Get Code Bound With These Stylish Bands This Friendships Day

Jul 24th 2015

Wearable fashion with an interesting cause. Jewelbots also known as ‘friendship bracelets that teach girls to code’, are simple wrist...

Pasta spaghetti, vegetables and spices, on wooden table, on grey background

Gourmet Boxes Every Parent Should Try

Jul 27th 2015

How many times have we experienced these problems? What do I make for dinner? or  “Mom please make something new today?” I want to try out...

These natural Products Are Just What Indian Mom's Need In Their Battle Against Eczema!-kidsstoppress

These Natural Products Are Just What Indian Mom’s Need In Their Battle Against Eczema!

Jul 16th 2015

My name is Anindita and I write as a mother of two young children one of whom suffers from a very severe form of Atopic Dermatitis or eczema as it is...

disney craft ideas-kidsstoppress

Embrace the Magic Of Disney With These Fun DIY Craft Projects

Jul 16th 2015

It is safe to say the Disney fascination never dies out. Whether you are 3 or 33. Everyone has a favourite character and why not? Each character has...

baby stores for kids1

Baby Stores All Mumbai Moms Will Recommend!

Aug 11th 2015

If you are new to Mumbai or a new mom these are children’s stores that all moms need to know about. We checked with a lot of KSP moms on their...


9 Natural Ingredients to Look Out for When Choosing Baby Care Products

Jul 16th 2015

When I first became a mother I went through the various stages of raising a baby. I wanted to choose what was best for my baby and turned to natural...


The Only List of High Chairs You Will Ever Need.

Jul 21st 2015

One of the best ways for parents to make their children love food is to encourage them to eat at the table during mealtimes with the entire family. A...

Rainbow Runway - featured image - ksp

No more ‘same to same dress’. Shop for your kids unique look from Rainbow Runway!

Jul 8th 2015

Rainbow Runway Apparel and Accessories, is the brainchild of Delhi Mom and entrepreneur Divya Varshney. She dived headfirst into the kids clothing...

word a round_feature image_ksp

Video Review: Vocab building game where you race to unravel the word.

Jul 2nd 2015

Kidsstoppress presents Word A Round, a fun new word game by “Think Fun” which can be played with more than 2 players. The challenge in...

Dead as a Dodo-Ksp-Book-Review

Let’s Save The Dodo! Book Review

Jul 3rd 2015

The month of June was all about getting to know our prehistoric friends. The Jurassic world movie released earlier this month and once we got our...

Addition and subtraction ideas for kids

Video Review: This new game makes Math a child’s play

Jun 26th 2015

Kidsstoppress reviews “Long Legs” a fun skill building game from Chalks & Chuckles. It features 2 wooden dice, rules, sliders &...

coo feature image

KSP Exclusive: COO COO, comfortable and stylish clothing for kids in India

Jun 23rd 2015

Finding aesthetic and lovable children’s clothing is hard in India and featuring brands that make an immediate connect with parents are hard to...

fathers day gift guide

Last Minute Father’s day Gift Ideas

Jun 15th 2015

Father’s day is around the corner! Are you prepared to give your father a pocket full of surprises? Here are 10 cool last minute gift ideas that...

Monsoon wear for kids in india 2015

Muddy Puddles: Favourite Monsoon wear picks for kids in India

Jun 15th 2015

After a lengthy scorching Summer, Monsoon has arrived. Monsoons are always dark and gloomy. To add color to your child’s life online stores...

Video Review: Blokus

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