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Play doh soft swirl ice cream
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Personalised Stamps with MyStamps
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HT Survey 2012 of best schools

Drive Your Storage Blues Away with Google Photos!

Why delete old photos to make way for new memories? With Google Drive your photo storage and organization woes are a thing of the past.

Vikas Khanna shares secrets on feeding fussy eaters

Find out what we asked the young Celebrity Chef at his Book Launch

Review Play Doh Softy Ice cream Swirl Set

There is more to play doh than shape sorters. Pretend play with your kids.

Things to Do this weekend with kids

Editors picks on what to do with kids this weekend

Personalized stamps with MyStamps

Personalize your stamps with Mystamp and ideas for Philately enthusiasts

Puppet Tales with Junior Writers Bug

A workshop for kids with storytelling, puppets, music and movement

HT Survey of Best schools in Mumbai 2012 - Part 1

Looking to know which schools made it to the list of most wanted in 2012

vday craft ideas_kidsstoppress

Easy, Non Messy And Functional Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Ideas

Feb 9th 2016

Valentine’s day is around the corner and even if you don’t propagate celebrating it as much as the Hallmarks and Archies do, it is...

barbie gets a makeover_new look_kidsstoppress

Barbie Makes A Huge Change To Finally Become Every Girl’s Doll. 

Feb 5th 2016

Barbie dolls are making headlines again and this time it is good news! The world’s best known doll is changing. Gone are the days when she was...

Lil Ballerina_kidsstoppress_review

Review: Lil Ballerina Jewellery Is The Gift You Were Looking To Buy Your Child

Feb 4th 2016

Lil Ballerina is the brainchild of Radhika Shah, Nehal Bhansali and Saloni Jhaveri who have extensive experience in designing...

cover my mumbai_yellow pinwheel project_kidsstoppress

Review: Get Your Kids Intrigued About Mumbai With The Yellow Pinwheel Project

Feb 4th 2016

We all know our children love to play while they eat. Now imagine something to do just that while inspiring them to fall in love with their city. If...

Parents Colour Your Stress Away With The World's Trendiest Relaxing Method_kidsstoppress

Parents: Colour Your Stress Away With The World’s Trendiest Relaxing Method!

Jan 28th 2016

Which parent can ever say they have never been stressed? Whether you are a stay at home parent or one who juggles a career and family, one thing...

momzjoy_review_maternity wear_kidsstoppress

Review: Switching Gears From Computers To Creating Trendy Maternity Wear, Presenting Momzjoy! 

Feb 11th 2016

When I was pregnant with my first child, I underestimated the need to buy clothes to wear during my second and third trimesters. I figured that the...


Netflix In India And What It Means For Kids Entertainment

Jan 11th 2016

Without a doubt Netflix created a stir with it’s launch in India and the first free month of trial. People were pleasantly surprised with...

Tias closet 1

Review: Tia’s Closet For Lil Girls Who Wanna Have Fun!

Jan 11th 2016

Tia’s closet is the brainchild of Aditi Mehta, former pharmacist whose last assignment was with Pfizer India, marketing their...

Chistmas Carols

Fill Silent and Holy Nights With This Must Play List Of Christmas Carols!

Dec 20th 2015

Get your music on and brush up those vocal chords for some carolling this Christmas! If you have a vague memory of carols from your childhood and...

party dresses for moms_kidsstoppress

The Hottest Dresses You Can Wear To Bring In 2016!

Dec 29th 2015

Is that party invite for New Year’s Eve staring at you from the calendar? That’s because in all likelihood, if you are still recovering...

This Is The List Of Stocking Stuffers You Need To Complete Your Christmas

Dec 17th 2015

Gifts come in various garbs over Christmas. They can be left under the tree by Santa or tiny gifts can appear in stockings or you could even gift...

winter wear for kids

Your Inside Look At Winter Fashion For Kids Begins Right Here

Dec 21st 2015

Winter is finally here and it is time to dust off the clothes from storage and clean out the mothballs. But I have noticed storing my child’s...

Unboxing  OSMO Play Beyond The Screen_ksp

Game Review: Play Osmo Is The New Cool Game To Own – Are You In On It?

Jan 29th 2016

Kids love technology. They are constantly looking at new games to play on a screen. So why not give them a chance to play while they learn? With a...

Usher In 2016 While Being Warm And Trendy With Marks & Spencer's Collection

Usher In 2016 While Being Warm And Trendy With Marks & Spencer’s Collection

Dec 10th 2015

With the​ holiday season upon us there is​ no way I could​ escape buying a few outfits that my girls could​ wear for parties and for all...

ek chidiyah_clothing for kids_kidsstoppress_

Ek Chidiya Brings Together Soft Cottons And Baby Animals For Your Little Ones!

Dec 7th 2015

Little children and baby animals are a perfect match. They look great together and you just can’t go wrong when you buy baby animal prints for...

16 Gifts Indian Moms-To-Be Want For Their Baby Shower But Aren’t Telling You

Dec 3rd 2015

When I was pregnant the first time around I spent an inordinate amount of time reading up on what to stock up on for when the baby comes. Let me be...

This List Of Workout Gear Is Sure To Make You Feel Fit And Fabulous!

Nov 26th 2015

The countdown has began! With 2016 barely a month away from now, we are sure you would be working on getting back in shape for the little black...

lego slippers_save your feet some pain_kidsstoppress

Save Yourself Some Lego Pain And Invest In These Super Slippers!

Nov 18th 2015

On a scale of 1 to 10 of pain, stepping on a Lego piece in the middle of the night has to be a gazillion. If you are all too familiar with this pain,...


Mickey Mouse Items To Celebrate His 87th Birthday!

Nov 18th 2015

Mickey Mouse celebrates his 87th birthday today and we would like to send a shout out to our favourite mouse on this very special day! Everyone has a...

Shop for a whole new wardrobe this season_pepe jeans_kidsstoppress_1

Stock Up On Fall And Winter Essentials From Pepe Kids

Nov 23rd 2015

Autumn is here and winter is just around the corner, so that just means it is time to hang up our raincoats and switch our wardrobe to winter...

Easy, Non Messy And Functional Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Ideas

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