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It makes our day to hear from a fellow parent. So if you have a query, suggestion, feedback, or want to tell us about something we are doing wrong, here are our deets. Write into [email protected].

If you want the world to know about your exciting product and wish to advertise with us, please write into us at [email protected] and click here to know more.

If you have an event that you want our entire readership base, i.e. parents across the country to know about, then all you need to do is submit your details! We will carry listings about events and activities and make sure your news reaches your target audience. We are always on the lookout for fun, interesting events that give parents an opportunity to do something new and exciting with their children week after week. Each week our editors review hundreds of listings and publish a curated selection each week called ‘Things To Do’.

Event submission needs to be submitted a week before the actual event. Please do submit your event below by adding details in the format below. Remember events that contain all information, with high-res photos, and contact details are highly favoured by our editors and have a higher chance of being featured! Please email it to us at [email protected].

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If you have an idea we haven’t already covered in the list and think it will be a perfect fit for Kidsstoppress, send in your stories now! Please click here for more details on how you can contribute to Kidsstoppress.