VGP Snow Kingdom

15 February, 2017 - 31 March, 2017

Chennai, TamilNadu, India,
2 - 4 years, 4 - 6 years, 6 - 8 years, 8 - 12 years, Parents
Rs.Rs 150 for kids below 90cm height

Imagine being shipped off to an exotic snow resort along with your loved ones. Could you help but be mesmerized by the sight of snow flying around you as you lay cozily in your snow wear? Can you handle the rush you face as you wait for your turn to bob sledge down the snow, the joy to see your friends and family immerse themselves in fun and frolic as they are equally overwhelmed by all the unique experiences? Now, before you get disappointed about nobody shipping you off to the Alps, book your tickets to Snow Kingdom and experience the perfect snow holiday with your friends and family in your own city.

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