Events And Activities For Kids This Weekend In Bengaluru

At Kidsstoppress, we tell you the best places you need to take your kids out to, this weekend. From storytelling to art and crafts workshop, this page brings you the #BestEventsForKids you need to know to raise your young champions right! Go ahead, plan your weekends with us. 'Coz you know, the focus at Kidsstoppress has always been #SimplifyingParenting. Also, while you find out what events suits best for you and the kids, go ahead and read some of the best things you could do with your kids in and around Bengaluru this weekend!

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Best Indoor Play Areas In Bengaluru

Fun Things To Do In Bengaluru 

Child-Friendly Weekend Getaways From Bangalore

Movies For Kids This Weekend In The Theatres

KVC Kansas

Beauty and the Beast- Directed by: Bill Condon

Sing- Directed by: Garth Jennings

Disney Moana- Directed by: Ron Clements

Storks-Directed by: Nicholas Stoller

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