Events And Activities For Kids This Weekend In Delhi-NCR

At Kidsstoppress, we tell you the best places you need to take your kids out to, this weekend. From storytelling to art and crafts workshop, this page brings you the #BestEventsForKids you need to know to raise your young champions right! Go ahead, plan your weekends with us. 'Coz you know, the focus at Kidsstoppress has always been #SimplifyingParentingAlso, while you find out what events suits best for you and the kids, go ahead and read some of the best things you could do with your kids in and around Delhi NCR this weekend!

Summer Camps For Kids In Delhi-NCR 2017

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Kid-Friendly Weekend Getaways From Delhi

Best Child-Friendly Restaurants In Delhi-NCR

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Movies For Kids This Weekend In The Theatres

KVC Kansas

Beauty and the Beast- Directed by: Bill Condon

Sing- Directed by: Garth Jennings

The Boss Baby - Directed by: Tom McGrath

Smurfs: The Lost Village- Directed by: Kelly Asbury

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Introduction To Urban Farming – A Hands On Workshop

What’s the difference between a kyaari and a raised bed? What’s an ideal gamla size to grow pumpkins?What’s the difference between gudaee and nindaee? The workshop at the Edible Routes farm – Farm 8 – will answer all these questions and more in this practical workshop on growing vegetables, fruits and herbs at home. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to learn the basics of planning and running a kitchen garden, from seeding, weeding and harvesting to pest management and composting. But don’t expect too much theory, you’ll also get to work on a 1-acre farm and ongoing permaculture project. They’ll teach you about potting mix, seeding, weeding, harvesting, companion planting – basically everything about to go homegrown. Guaranteed you will not leave this workshop without getting your hands muddy.

6 - 8 years, 8 - 12 years, Parents, Teens
Date & Time:
Edible Routes Farm 8, Aya Nagar Phase 5, , New Delhi, , India,
Rs.Rs 1100 with lunch and refreshments

Engineering Marvels – Pyramids

Why did the ancients build pyramids? What was their purpose? Is there any special meaning behind the pyramid shape? How were they built without modern tools and machinery? Unlock the secrets to these mysterious engineering marvels and explore the mechanics behind them. Kids will learn about the Egyptian pyramids and will also examine other pyramids around the world, especially the Aztec and Mayan monumental structures.

Down Wonderland – A Workshop On Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

With great pride the Culture Chauraha presents the 19th edition Annual Exhibition:"Through the Eyes of a Child'17". All the works displayed have been executed by young artists. It's a great way to see what young artists are inspired by.

Natak Vatak Workshop For Children By Kamal Pruti ( Kabuliwaala) (Library) is excited to present A super interesting workshop for Children ~ Natak Vatak by Kabuliwaala (Kamal Pruthi). This is a  personality development workshop through theatre, storytelling and creative writing. The storytelling workshop makes children learn to imagine the characters, weave and express them in words, in form of poetry, short stories, comic strips or a short play. The Kabuliwaala opens his creative jhola for the kids and engages them in developing their imagination and creative expressions. The workshops will be held on weekends.

Fun With Maps With Hands On Learning

Young adventurers learn all about maps in a fun and interactive way. They participate in games & activities that explain and demonstrate key mapping concepts - such as legend, compass rose, landmarks, and symbols. Through an imaginative journey around the world, children get familiar with the world map.

Masalas Of India – Regional Food Festival

How yummy is that when you have a regional food festival right at the end of the week! A one of a kind food festival with hand-picked restaurants serving the best regional food from all over the country. Expect cuisines like Naga, Goan, Kashmiri, Rajasthani, Bengali and lots more. There will be live music, desserts, entertainment and much more. Head over there with your family for a memorable weekend.

Storytelling For Kids By Fouzia Dastango

Reinventing the 16th-century art of oral storytelling, Fouzia Dastango, one of the first female storytellers of the Dastangoi style, will perform three stories 'Kijari Gaye', 'Pied Piper' (in Hindustani) and 'Natkhat Gadha' for kids. The fun-filled storytelling session will be followed by craft activity, lots of fun, songs and Jembe !! Presented by and Dastango-The-Storytellers

4 - 6 years, 6 - 8 years, 8 - 12 years
Date & Time:
Oddbird Theatre & Foundation, Dhan Mill Compound, 100 feet Road, Chattarpur,, , New Delhi, , India,
Rs.Rs 500

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