Summeranza 2017

17 April, 2017 - 1 May, 2017
Rangmanch - The Studio 3-6-198, 5th Floor, Sreemukh Complex, Beside KFC, Himayat Nagar Road, Himayat Nagar,

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India,

Summeranza 2017. Here is the list of activities scheduled

Dance: Western Dance; Bollywood; Free-style; Kids dancing,; Hip-hop; Contemporary. The kids will get a chance to be part of gala performance event at the end of the summer camp.

Art: Arts N Crafts; Basic Drawing; Sketching; Shading; Crayon work; Pencil work; Brush art; Glass painting; Fabric Painting; Accessories painting; Canvas oil art; Personality Development

Art of Communication: The main focus of this programme to develop positive attitude in the child, using their hyperactive behaviour in interactive to learn about themselves, parents, society and surroundings and focusing on discussions, interaction, sharing thoughts and ideas. It included Positive impressions; Social etiquette; Confidence Building; Self Esteem.

Robotics: Learn about automation world in the brief with technology and programming. Learn one level programme in 20 hours programme in just 5 days and get certified with a reputed institution. Age: 8 Years and above.

 Abacus: An opportunity has opened for all children to learn and do speeder calculations in maths with Abacus. Age: 7 Years and Little Champ Mind Maths for 5- 7 years.

Handwriting: Improve your handwriting and learn an organized method to get the beautiful handwriting. Age: 5 years and above

Yoga for concentration and memory: The most adapted and acceptable art of ancient Indian practice through asana, pranayama and meditation. Enhance memory skills.

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