Zippy Sponge Painting

Sponge painting

When there is no where to go in this gloomy weather, lets make life for kids & mommies more colourful with Zippy Sponge Painting. For all those moms who dread the cleaning more than the activity this one is a contained painting activity and will be less messy and will keep your toddler’s hands clean! Continue reading

5 Monsoon Craft Ideas For Kids to try today!

monsoon craft ideas for kids1

I think this post is something that I have been searching for to keep the daughter busy through the holiday mornings. Obviously it called out share as there must be many moms who are having a hard time keeping the kids indoors. My experience also says its easier to keep them busy than have them idle where they will be up to some prank. So here are the 5 best ones I shortlisted for us to try today.

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Book Review: Alphabet Dress Up

Exclusive First Review Alphabet Dress Up


We’ve often titled them as a publishing house with a soul and their launch was no different. All for a cause where they managed to raise over Rs 1,00,000 for Cuddles Foundation who works for cancer affected babies( Read more about them here)

The launch event where kids dressed up as a profession from the book and walked up on stage for a parade was a great idea. Nalini the author read the book out as the kids courageously walked up on the stage while their parents hooted and took pictures.

Shraddha Pimputkar, illustrator & designer creates a beautiful canvas and  lends a story to each page with just the right ingredients that children need to know all about a character or a profession. Continue reading

Indoor Monsoon Masti ideas for kids


The monsoon is here and it calls for all things fun, relaxed and easy. While it’s extremely important for our children to take this break as a breather, there are lots of activities that can be fun even while being indoors. We chanced upon some fun supplies that will keep us going through the heavy showers

Here are our 5 favourite picks from  for a dripping monsoon:

1. Indoor Strategy: Chess, board games, puzzles, crosswords, sudokus and all things that scream intellectual. Thinking of how and when to start chess read here


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